Soar Over North Georgia With A Ziplining Getaways Adventure

Haven’t you always wanted to feel like you’re flying? The wind in your face, the thrill of the flight, and the scenery disappearing behind you. As humans, we are usually grounded and not able to fulfill the fantasy of flight. However, on your next North Georgia getaways vacation you can come close by scheduling a ziplining tour for your family. There are a wide variety of ziplining tours available offering different views of the North Georgia Mountains; close by to luxury cabins in Helen, GA.Tranquility Cabin

Have you and your family ever been on a ziplining adventure?

Zip n Time

The ziplining tours provided by Zip N Time are unlike any other in the mountains of North Georgia. More than just a trip down a zip line, the tours expose visitors to North Georgia history. The ACCT-certified guides will take you on a trip through time during your zipline tour. Zip N Time has several different tour options, each offering a unique take on the ziplining experience. Some favorites include:

  • Moonshine Canopy Tour You’ll start with a trip on the Troop Transporter through the swamp as you approach the beginning of the zipline. The tour is approximately an hour to an hour and a half and costs $49. The Moonshine Canopy Tour treats you to a tree-to-tree tour as you hear the stories of moonshiners and the legends of the Sautee area. Riders must be 7 years old and weigh between 50 and 250 pounds.
  • Goldmine Canopy Tour A tad more adventure than the Moonshine Tour, the Goldmine tour adds a second zip line, a short hike, and a swinging bridge to reach an authentic Goldmine. The entire tour, including time exploring the gold mine, lasts approximately one and a half to two hours. The cost is $69 per person and the standard requirements of 7 years or older and between 50 and 250 pounds apply.
North Georgia Canopy Tours

This tour company’s ziplining adventures are full of non-stop fun. North Georgia Canopy Tours is located in Lula just a short drive from your Georgia getaways, mountain cabin. Situated on 34 beautiful acres on the North Oconee River, tours are available year-round during daylight hours.  Make sure you check the specific times of each day’s first tour on the website. North Georgia Canopy Tours offers two primary ziplining tours

  • The Adventure Tour A three-hour tour that features over a mile of zipline cable in the 12 different ziplines, three nature walks, two swinging sky bridges, and a rappel. You’ll zip over ponds, rivers, and the beautiful mountain views of North Georgia. The tour costs $89 per person and a child ticket is half off with a paying adult on Tuesday – Thursday. The minimum age for ziplining is ten years old and participants may not weigh more than 250 pounds. You can also upgrade the Adventure Tour to the Premium Adventure Tour. The premium tour is identical to the Adventure but is conducted in a smaller group and provides you with digital and video memories of your trip.
  • Sky Bridge Tour This two-hour tour is full of thrill-seeking fun for your North Georgia vacation. It consists of nine zip lines, two nature walks, two swinging sky bridges, and an amazing 695-foot zipline finish over the pond in front of the observation deck. The tour costs $69 per participant and requires that each rider is over ten years old and weighs between 70 and 250 pounds.
Sunburst Stables

Also known for its horseback riding, Sunburst Stables has created an incredibly fun zipline tour for the entire family. They offer one tour, but it is filled with a variety of different ziplines and attractions.

  • Sea Leg Zipline: the introductory zipline prepares riders and is considered a training run so everyone is comfortable with the zipline mechanics.georgia getaways
  • Sawmill Zipline: this line goes over the authentic sawmill located on the stables’ property.
  • Cave Zipline: a 700-foot line, you’ll start outside, enter the cave, ride 200 feet through the darkness, and safely land on the other side of the cave.
  • Moonshine Zipline: this line is over a thousand feet long above two pastures and a large pond.
  • Holy Cow Zipline: Starting with a view overlooking the valley and beautiful Batesville, you travel over 1,200 feet crossing over an acre-wide pond.
  • Dueling Zipline: Challenge one of your family members to a ziplining race to see who is the ultimate adventurer.

Sunburst Stables requires all participants to weigh between 30 and 250 pounds and doesn’t have an age requirement. Riders who schedule summer ziplining tours near their North Georgia cabin rentals have the chance of getting wet. Please plan ahead.

Which of these ziplining tours sounds like the best fit for you and your family?