Why Georgia Mountain Cabins Beat Hotels Hands Down

When it comes to vacation accommodations, most people automatically book themselves into a hotel. But mountain cabins beat hotels for value, comfort, and amenities each and every time. Here’s why Georgia mountain cabins beat hotels:
When you pay for a hotel room, you only get a bedroom and bathroom. You still have to pay for parking, food in restaurants, and entertainment since sitting in a hotel room isn’t exactly the vacation you probably planned. These all cost extra and make your vacation take a bigger bite out of your wallet.Mountain cabins in Helen Georgia on the other hand, include an entire home with a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, decks — the list goes on. Cabins also come with ready-made entertainment in the form of pool tables, home entertainment systems, and outdoor recreation just outside the front door. With a kitchen on the premises, you’ll also save money (and your waistline) by not eating out at overpriced restaurants for each and every meal.

When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep at a hotel? The bed and linens are stiff, neighbors on the other side keep you up and then housekeeping arrives too early. Plus, hotel rooms are small and cramped with little room to spread out. It just doesn’t feel like home.

Mountain cabins become a home away from home. You can spread out, settle in, and not worry about interruptions or interference from nearby guests or hotel staff. Additionally, most mountain cabins come with those little extra comforts like fireplaces that make a home cozy and warm.

Mountain cabins beat hotels when it comes to amenities as well. Have you ever had a pool table in your hotel room? Or a fireplace and jacuzzi tub? With mountain cabins, you get so much more than you would with a hotel room unless you have the means to reserve the penthouse each time. Spacious decks, breathtaking views, luxury fireplaces, and bubbling hot tubs make a mountain cabin the ideal spot for a vacation.

When it comes to choosing your accommodations for your next trip, don’t waste your money on a stuffy, uncomfortable hotel room. Enjoy the value, comfort, and amenities of North Georgia Cabin Rentals instead.