Guide For Planning Your Family Cabin Vacation To Helen, Georgia

When it comes to taking vacations in Georgia, there are a few sites everyone is in the know about. The beaches of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, Savannah, and the Civil War monuments see millions of visitors each year. Atlanta is an urban vacation oasis. But as any seasoned vacationer knows, it’s not the places everyone knows about that make the best spots for a cabin vacation getaway.

It’s the hidden gems with a state where you truly find a vacation to remember. In Georgia, the best-kept vacation secret is the Appalachian Mountains.
In the northeast corner of the state, the Appalachian mountains stand tall and proud among the deciduous forests of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Just one hour outside of the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, the quiet solitude of the mountains provides a refreshing, renewing, and relaxing vacation experience.
These mountains provide several recreation opportunities for people looking for something a little different than the usually crowded vacation sites. The mountain towns that lie in and among the foothills remind you of a simpler time when life was a little slower and a little less hectic. You can also experience a bit of the pioneer spirit by visiting re-creations of working gold mines or other historical sites. The history of the Georgia mountains extends before U.S. settlers arrived with the Cherokee Nation once populating northern Georgia.
The best-kept secret of a Georgia mountain vacation, though, is the incredible wealth of natural beauty you will encounter. From the rushing Chattahoochee River to the cascading waterfalls, from the Appalachian Trail to horseback rides through the forest, the Georgia mountains beckon us to them with a promise of unbridled, natural force. You can’t compare the quiet and solitude of strolling alongside a stream or canoeing in a mountain lake to the din of the Atlanta streets or a hot, crowded beach.
In the remainder of this blog, we’ll share the following with you as you explore planning for your family vacation.

Escape to the Georgia Mountains for your best vacation ever. Just don’t tell anyone else. It’s our secret.

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4 Reasons Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be At A Mountain Cabin

Family vacations should be filled with fun adventures and lasting memories. Although there are many places where you can choose to take your next family vacation, have you considered a stay in the mountains?

Planning a trip for the whole family can be a bit of a challenge. Everything from your travel arrangements to finding suitable accommodations and choosing attractions everyone will enjoy must be taken into consideration. It can quickly become overwhelming and expensive.

One of the most unpleasant things about traveling with your family is having to coexist in a cramped hotel room for days on end. Between the kids fighting over who gets to sleep on what side of the bed and having to share one bathroom with everybody, you may find yourself more stressed out than relaxed on your vacation!

Cabins provide you with all of the space that you need to get some well-deserved R&R. You will be able to choose from rentals with up to five bedrooms, and that can sleep up to twelve people.

Not only will Mom and Dad get their own private bedroom, but you can even allow your kids to have a space of their own. When your family has room to spread out to enjoy alone time away from the group, your time spent on vacation activities is much more pleasant and relaxed.

Here are four other significant reasons why a mountain cabin should be your family’s next destination.

1.     Nearby Weekend Getaway

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a weekend getaway in the mountains. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta in as short as a ninety-minute drive. Even if you are coming from Tallahassee, you can arrive at this beautiful destination in just under six hours.

With Helen’s close proximity to many of the major cities in the southeastern states, you can easily make the commute within a day’s drive or less. Within hours you will be kicked back under the lush forest of the north Georgia mountains.

2.    Have Fun for Less

When it comes to getting away with your family, there are many destination options. You can take a trip to Disney, visit the ocean, or travel out of the country. Of course, all of those are going to come with a hefty price. For example, a weekend trip to Disney World for a family of four costs thousands of dollars, including admission, lodging, and food.

However, with a stay at a luxury mountain cabin, there is no need to dine out, and there is an abundance of free activities to enjoy.

3.     Quality Time with Family

The main focus of a family vacation is about spending quality time with your loved ones. With a mountain getaway in your own private luxury cabin, your family can spend hours reconnecting and bonding with each other. There are no distractions of passing vehicles, sirens, or people knocking on your door. It will just be your family and the peaceful sounds of nature.

During the day, you can spend time outdoors, and when evening falls, you can curl up with your family next to the fire or play a board game. Whatever you decide to do, you can be confident that you will get the quality time that every family needs.

4.     Relaxation at its Finest

Life is hectic with work, school, and daily tasks. Every now and then, it’s essential to get away and relax. At a mountain cabin, you can enjoy peace and quiet. Not only will you be able to relax, but you can do it in a luxury cabin.

With a full kitchen, you can prepare and eat meals without having to step foot out of your cabin. After dinner, relax in the hot tub, read a book next to the warm fireplace, or sit on the deck and gaze at stars. In the morning, sit back and listen to the birds singing and watch the sunrise as it rises up over the trees.

Next time you need a break and are looking for a beautiful family vacation, look no further than a luxury cabin in the stunning north Georgia mountains.

Family Friendly Adventures

With a cabin this luxurious, it can be challenging to leave, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on all of the fun things to do and see in northern Georgia. The Alpine Village of Helen and its surrounding areas lend themselves to exploration and have a lot to offer. There are numerous fun activities near Helen for your family to enjoy. Our family-friendly favorites include:

  1. Babyland General Hospital: Home to Xavier Roberts and the Cabbage Patch Kids, Babyland is a fun excursion for the entire family. Children can participate in specially designed activities, tour the property, and even choose a baby to adopt and take home. Check the calendar before your visit to learn if any special events are available during your stay.
  2. North Georgia Zoo: Located in nearby Cleveland, the North Georgia Zoo provides an opportunity for your family to get close to the wildlife. A variety of miniature and rare breed animals are part of the petting zoo and working farm. You can touch these animals and learn more about how they live. You may also add an exciting encounter to your day at the zoo to personalize your experience and learn even more.
  3. Dukes Creek Gold and Ruby Mine: Did you know that the mountains of North Georgia were home to the first United States gold rush? Take your family back to the 1820s when you search for gold and gems at the Dukes Creek Mine. The mine staff will teach you the art of gold panning to help you extract any treasures found in the material for purchase at the mine’s store.
  4. Sunburst Stables: There is plenty of adventure waiting for you in Clarkesville, just nine miles from Helen. You can choose an exciting zip line tour, a horseback trail ride, or one of the many boating adventures. Sunburst Stables offers several different packages and tours, ensuring that your family has an abundance of fun. Camps are also available for both boys and girls ages 8 – 15 throughout the summer months.
  5. Plenty of areas for fishing: A family fishing trip is a superb way to spend a Spring Break holiday. Great fishing spots are in abundance. The Chattahoochee River running through Helen is an excellent place for trout fishermen. The streams are well stocked with rainbow trout. Smith Lake in Unicoi State Park offers fishermen a myriad of brook, rainbow, and brown trout. Dukes Creek also provides opportunities to catch brown and rainbow trout.
  6. Great Hiking Spots: It is not difficult to create great family memories in Helen. One needs only to take a camera along and hike to one of North Georgia’s picturesque waterfalls. Anna Ruby Falls is just a short distance away nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The Twin Falls meeting at the confluence of two creeks is the perfect place for family photos. Also near Helen GA, one can hike out to the one-hundred-and-fifty-foot Dukes Creek FallsWaterfalls are almost as abundant as great fishing spots in north Georgia.
  7. River Tubing: For tubing in the summer, Cool River Tubing Company is one of the favorite Georgia vacation spots for many Georgia travelers. People who stay in north Georgia usually reserve their tubing adventures once they settle in. Another excellent option for tubing is the Helen Tubing and Waterpark where tubing trips at both venues take visitors along the Chattahoochee River. Summer tubing, swimming, and other aquatic fun abound at this family water park.
  8. Waterfall Swimming:  Swimming near the waterfalls of Georgia also provides cool all-year fun. Families can visit Unicoi State Park and explore the beauty of Anna Ruby Falls and Raven Falls. Hiking or biking the Appalachian Trail can be great alternatives for people seeking rugged outdoor activities on their vacation. Families with older kids may choose these options.
  9. Art, Shopping, and Dining: If you have an art lover in the family, take them to Helen where they can visit art galleries and museums. You can also shop at the many German-style shops that line the cobblestone streets. Also, sitting along the Chattahoochee River are many restaurants that offer excellent dining choices.
  10. Zipline Tours: For a truly unique adventure with your family, be sure to visit ZipnTime Zip Line Tours. Here you can choose the tour right for you with options ranging from a short zip that only takes 30 minutes to a full-blown, 3-hour excursion!

Because North Georgia offers so many opportunities to create memories, it has become a favorite among Georgia vacation spots.

Family Vacation Cabin Rental Tips

When you are planning a family vacation to Helen, Georgia you have many different choices for lodging. There are definite benefits to choosing a rental cabin, including:

  • Affordability: Choosing a rental cabin is an affordable option, especially for larger families who may require multiple hotel rooms. The per-night cost of a cabin varies based on size and amenities but is almost universally more affordable than a hotel or corporate lodging. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook your meals on-site and avoid the additional cost of taking your family out to eat for each meal. You can also take advantage of on-site recreational opportunities to save money.
  • On-Site Amenities: Every property is different, but each of our cabins offers guests a unique set of amenities to enjoy. Many cabins boast hot tubs, game rooms, entertainment systems, and outdoor grills or fire pits. Some of these amenities may be available at local hotels but not exclusively for your family. You can plan a family movie night, challenge the kids to a ping pong tournament, or choose a clear night to make s’mores around the fire pit.
  • Privacy: When you first approach your rental cabin in Helen, you’ll quickly understand precisely how private the surroundings are. You will likely be alone and secluded with a unique opportunity to reconnect as a family. This private space is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee on the back deck, taking a quiet walk near a babbling stream, or letting the kids play in the yard. You don’t have to worry about noise from other travelers or the inconvenience of staying in close hotel quarters.
  • Plenty of Space: Instead of jamming your family into one small hotel room give them the gift of space. Choose one of our rental cabins in Helen that provides plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your vacation. While you are cooking dinner, the kids can be in the game room. Separate bedrooms allow family members to go to sleep and wake up when they want and give every member of the family a bit more personal privacy. Many cabins have more than one bathroom, eliminating the hassle and inconvenience of everyone waiting to use a single shower.

Our cabins provide more than just a bed for you to sleep on. Each rental is packed with incredible amenities at no additional cost to you. For starters, you have the option of customizing your view from your cabin. You’ll be able to choose from scenery like the forest, a stream, the mountains, or even your own waterfall.

Does your family enjoy grilling out? You can book one of the cabins that feature a barbecue or a fire pit.

There are rentals available that include game rooms with table games such as Pool, Foosball, or Ping Pong.

And for the ultimate in relaxation, you can even enjoy the luxury of a long, restful soak in your own private hot tub.

Why The Kids Will Love A Cabin Stay

One of the biggest challenges when planning a family vacation is finding a destination that will allow you to relax while still keeping the kids happy. How can you find a way to please the children without sacrificing your much-needed R&R?

With a luxury cabin rental, you can truly have it all. You will enjoy a renewed vacation while the young ones have the time of their lives.

1. Kids Have Their Own Space

Of course, you enjoy the privacy that can be offered by your cabin, but your kids will also love having a space of their own. Hotels force your family to spend a vacation in a small space, sharing beds and everything else. Cabin rentals give you the power to decide how many bedrooms you would like to accommodate your family.

Having their own room will make your kids feel special on your trip, and will give them a sense of adventure. Kids love new experiences, and having the space to play and explore within the cabin will spark excitement.

Outside the cabin, your kids will also have the ability to explore. The children will love dipping their toes in the cold water, finding rocks and leaves, discovering plant and animal life, and more.

In this fairytale world, anything is possible, and your kids will delight in the feeling that this is their own private world. And with game tables and a big screen TV, there is plenty for young ones to do inside and outside the cabin.

2. Sensory Stimulation

Nothing will stimulate your kid’s senses more than a stay in a rental. Have fun pointing out constellations with the kids, searching for animal tracks, and looking for new kinds of birds together.

The children can enjoy new sounds, from chirping crickets at night, to the babbling of the brooks, and the thundering of the waterfalls. And there’s nothing like the smell of the mountain air. Your children will love to feel the cool mountain breeze against their skin and enjoy the cold spring water on their feet as they splash in the creeks.

At the end of the day, perhaps you will fry up your catch of the day from a fun family fishing trip. Nothing tastes better than trout caught after a fun day of bonding on the water. With all of the senses covered, your children will never lose interest in this vacation!

3. New Experiences

While staying in your cabin, your kids get the opportunity to try several exciting experiences. When you take your kids to Duke’s Creek or Crisson Gold Mines, they can find joy in panning for their own gold and precious stones.

Have you and your children ever been tubing? When visiting Georgia, mountain cabins are a short trip to Cool River Tubing Company, which is a must for family fun. While you float lazily down the Chattahoochee River, you and your kids will have hours to talk and laugh while enjoying the northern Georgia scenery. 

We’ll also help you get the kids out on the trail through Chattahoochee National Forest at Sunburst Stables. A horseback ride is a thrilling experience for kids of all ages.

Wrapping Up

With so many outdoor options available, choosing where to begin is the hardest challenge most face when they arrive in Helen.

Hopefully, this article has helped you survey your options. We look forward to hosting you in the future.

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