Why Dogs Love CCCR Cabins

Do you experience separation anxiety when you’re on vacation and your dog is being boarded back at home? Worry no more! These are the reason why dogs love CCCR cabins!

Anyone who has a dog knows how special their canine companions are, and feel as though they are truly a part of the family. Because of this, traveling without the pooch in tow can be traumatic – both for you and the dog. Dogs are pack animals, and they long to be close to their masters for comfort, happiness, and protection. Leaving your dog behind while you enjoy a family getaway can almost feel like you’re leaving one of your own children back at home.

Fortunately, when you make the decision to stay in one of our luxurious cabin rentals in the Helen, Georgia area, you won’t be forced to board your furry friends. We offer pet-friendly cabins that will ensure that everyone in your clan can stick together and get the most out of your vacation. But will your dog actually enjoy his or her time in northern Georgia? What pet-friendly activities are there for your family to do with your pup? You’d be amazed at how dog-friendly Helen really is. In this post we will explore all of the reasons why pets love visiting the Helen cabins so much, and how to have an incredible time together on your trip.

Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs Love Visiting the CCCR Cabins in Helen, GA

5. There’s lots to explore around the cabin

Dogs are very inquisitive animals and they love to explore new terrain. Your pooch will have a field day with all of the new smells that he will take in around your cabin. If you choose to stay in a wooded cabin rental, you can enjoy a daily walk with Fido through the trees, letting him sniff out all of the different plants and animal scents, try to chase chipmunks and squirrels, and prance through the leaves. Those who book a visit to a creekside cabin will have a lot of fun watching their dog splash in the cooling waters on a warm summer afternoon. Just be sure to always supervise your dog and keep him on a leash at all times, to ensure that he is completely safe in his surroundings.

4. They can cheer you on while you play mini golf

At the Alpine Mini Golf Course (which is located on the south end of town), pets are welcomed onto the putting green. The course creates a fun way for you to challenge your family and friends to a competitive game, while your pup gets to happily trot along by your side. There’s a picnic area inside of the course, as well, where you can sit down and enjoy the weather as you talk and munch on your favorite foots (and slipping Rover a few scraps while you’re at it). You may even decide to linger longer by stopping at the course’s own Scoop De Scoop Ice Cream Parlor.

3. They get to hit the trailscabins in helen ga

The Helen area is home to a wide range of hiking trails that will excite both you and your dog. The scenery at nearby Unicoi State Park is absolutely stunning, whether you are traversing the rim of the sparkling Unicoi Lake, are following a babbling stream, or are admiring the thundering waters of the twin Anna Ruby Falls. While you are taking in the sights, your pup’s tail will be wagging furiously as she gets some much-needed exercise and is able to take in new scents and explore the trails in her own way. You may also consider a stroll through the trails at Smithgall Woods State Park, or Amicalola Falls State Park. Always be sure to check park policies on leashes and clean-up before bringing your pet.

2. They can sniff out prizes while geocaching

All of Georgia’s state parks are welcoming of geocaching. In this fun activity, participants hide a small token or prize inside of a capsule, and then log the coordinates of the capsule on a geocaching website. When the capsule is located, the finder is able to take the prize and must replace it with another of their own. Not only is this fun for humans, but there are certain geocaches that are designed specifically for dogs, containing doggie treats and other fun extras.

1. They get to be with you

Of course, for your dog, there are few things more rewarding about visiting the luxurious cabins in Helen, GA than simply being able to stay with their ‘pack’ and be a part of the family for the duration of the vacation experience. Your pup doesn’t want to be left alone in a boarding kennel. He loves you and wants to be by your side at all times.

Doesn’t your dog deserve a vacation as much as you?