Why A Luxury Cabin Is The Sexy Choice For Valentines Day

Are you looking at spending another Valentine’s Day stuck in the city? Try luxury cabin!

Does the idea of fighting rush hour for a romantic dinner not appeal?

Will the smog and fumes cloud the mood during this special night?

It’s up to you to ponder those questions… But if you’re looking at Valentine’s Day on the horizon and thinking there has to be a better option for giving your special someone a night they’ll always remember, what could be better than a trip into the awe-inspiring mountains of Helen, Georgia?

Actually, we can answer that one: The perfect accompaniment to the natural beauty of Helen is a rented luxury cabin from Cedar Creek!Tranquility Cabin

Watch Romance Bloom In A Delightful German Setting

If you would, allow us to paint a vision for you:

It’s Friday, February 14th. You’ve already told your lover to take off from work early, and by the afternoon, you’re packed and ready drive away. As the city fades away into the background, you can finally take a deep breath and taste nothing but pure country air.

Not much later, Helen comes into view as you drive up I-75. Nestled in the mountains, Helen is a sight out of a fairy tale, with charming 19th Century Bavarian architecture recreating the feel of a classic alpine villa. Like going back in time, Helen can instantly transport you to a world far removed from the stresses of the workweek.

Perhaps you stop for dinner, such as at the lovely Helendorf riverfront restaurant. You could be sipping drinks and enjoying fresh-caught fish under soft lighting, listening to the Chattahoochee River gently flowing by, rather than hearing the flow of honking traffic.

But, of course, as nice as it might be to dine by the river with your lover, your Cedar Creek luxury cabin still awaits! As you drive out of town, deeper and higher into the mountains, we’d suggest a stop at Helen’s own Habersham Winery for a couple of bottles of smooth white wine.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep them chilled soon enough.

All The Comforts Of Home, High Up Among The Misty Mountains

As the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains and the evening mists begin to creep in, you arrive at your cabin, nestled high in the Appalachians. Each Cedar Creek cabin is an oasis of luxury surrounded by a sea of trees and snowy peaks, wrapped in romantically rustic and stone.

From here, how your evening proceeds is entirely up to you! After dropping off your wine in your cabin’s refrigerator, you might want to:

  • Relax and snuggle on your leather couches,
  • Start a roaring fire in your stone fireplace,
  • Take a dip in your Jacuzzi,
  • Watch a romantic film on your widescreen television,
  • Have a moonlit marshmallow roast at your fire pit,
  • Play a quick game of billiards on your pool table,
  • Or, just switch everything off and enjoy the still quiet with your lover… until you add your own sounds, that is…

helen ga cabins

And, many pleasant hours later, sunrise and some of the most spectacular views you can imagine will be there to greet you in the morning when you throw open your curtains on the new day. With luxury cabins like this, you and your love might not even make it back into town!

However, if you’ve got the weekend free -or you just need a break to regain your strength- Helen is full of amazing sights, quaint shops, and the sort of small-town welcome you won’t get in the big city!

For nature-lovers, or those looking for even more-secluded spots, you’ll have your choice of hiking, boat or carriage tours, fishing, tubing, horseback riding, and more. If shopping is your vice, you’ll also find plenty in Helen, including hand-crafted goods and boutique food shops, made from the bounty of America’s natural resources.

Then, when Sunday comes and it’s time to reluctantly drive back towards your daily grind, we suspect you’ll already be fantasizing about your next romantic interlude in a Cedar Creek luxury cabin.

Helen, Georgia: The Sexy Getaway That’s Easy To Reach

Even though we’re in the mountains, Helen is easy to get to! It’s a comfortable 90 minutes from Atlanta, and it’s easily within driving distance for lovers across Georgia, as well as those in Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.

Cedar Creek Luxury Cabins is currently taking reservations for Valentines weekend 2014, and it’s not too late to claim your own!

Instead of the noise and irritation and bustle of the big city, we think you’ll agree there’s plenty of excitement to be found when you and your love spend a romantic weekend in the intimacy of your own private luxury cabin.