Rental Cabins In Georgia: So Much To Do You’ll Have To Come Back!

Do you like vacations that are full of adventure and excitement? If you’re looking for an action-packed vacation, consider staying at the rental cabins in Georgia.

There is seriously so many things to do, to see, to play, and to enjoy when you stay at the rental cabins in Georgia… that you just can’t do it all in one vacation. Make plans to visit again… and again and again!

This list of six things to do in Georgia is just a small sampling of the things to do in the area.

1. Alpine Mini Golf

This appealing putt putt course combines fun gameplay with scenic beauty. You’ll spend quality time with your vacation partners and appreciate the nature views that Georgia is so famous for. Show off your mini-golfing skills amidst flowers, trees, creeks, waterfalls, and some more flowers. Celebrate your victory or humbling loss with a scoop or two at the ice cream parlor on the grounds. A round at the Alpine Mini Golf is a good way to spend a light-hearted afternoon or evening with your family when you stay at the rental cabins in Georgia.

2. Raven Cliffs

Both nature lovers and thrill seekers will appreciate the beautiful Raven Cliffs, which includes steep hiking trails, scenic views of mountain streams and waterfalls, and plenty of snakes to avoid (or examine and take pictures of, if you like that sort of thing). The 9,115-acre natural reserve, which is located near the rental cabins in Georgia, has a 6-mile round-trip hiking trail that will have you climbing actual rocks near the end. Also, you’ll be rewarded with the magnificent sight of the Raven Cliffs Falls when you finish your hike.

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3. Cool River Tubing

Can you think of an activity that’s relaxing and exciting at the same time? Floating down a river on a tube is exactly that. Cool River Tubing will take you on a pleasant trip through the Chattahoochee River for either one hour or two hours, depending on your preference. A bus will take you to the start of your tubing adventure, which is sure to be one of the highlights during your vacation at the rental cabins in Helen, GA. Be sure to wear water shoes and grab a stick to free yourself if you get stuck, which is just part of the fun. For more thrills, try to hop on a tube right after a rain, so the water will be high and a bit rougher.

4. Unicoi State Park

The area around the rental cabins in Georgia is full of attractions and parks that showcase the best of Mother Nature — and one such place is the Unicoi State Park. Drive a short distance from the rental cabins in Georgia and park at the park for $5… and then spend the rest of the day on foot. There are hiking trails to explore, fishing spots to earn your dinner, and picnic areas where you can enjoy your lunch. If you prefer to spend your time on two wheels instead, there are also bike trails at the state park. Don’t miss the waterfalls while you’re there!

5. Charlemagne’s Kingdom

If you’re bringing your kids along to your vacation at the rental cabins in GA, stop by Charlemagne’s Kingdom to view a fascinating model railroad display. What’s more, the exhibition is designed to resemble an Alpine Village in Germany… just like the city of Helen! The owner and his wife have worked on the model for over 20 years and happily will chat with you and your family about their creation. There’s also a toy store to browse through at the same place.

6. Dukes Creek Gem & Mining Company

Panning for gems is another fun activity for the whole family. At Dukes Creek Gem & Mining Company, you’ll learn about gems and gold and search through a gallon of dirt for beautiful, colorful gems. You can even decide the type of gems that you want and the size of your bucket to sift through. It’s an easy drive from the rental cabins in Georgia and your kids will love you for taking them there as they clutch their treasure finds.

This list of a wide variety of activities to partake in when you’re vacationing in Georgia is far from complete. As you research on things to do during your stay at the rental cabins in Georgia, you’ll be overwhelmed at the sheer number of attractions to see and events to enjoy. But don’t fret — you can always schedule another visit and make it your goal to see as much of the area as you can. You’ll have lots of memories when you get home and lots of new ideas of what to do when you return!

If you’ve already visited the rental cabins in Georgia, what was your favorite activity or attraction?