How To Experience Helen GA Tubing All Year Long

As you have been making plans for your vacation to northern Georgia, you have probably heard how much fun Helen, GA tubing can be! Though it is more likely that you have heard about how you can cool off in the Chattahoochee River as you tube through the center of Alpine Helen, you will be delighted to learn that you can still partake in some Helen, GA tubing even when the weather gets cold. How is this possible? Snow tubing and other winter adventures are waiting for you and your group when you stay with us in one of our luxury cabin rentals in Helen, Georgia. In this way, the beloved tradition of tubing may be enjoyed by all – year round!

Summertime Helen, GA Tubing Fun

If you’re visiting Helen during the warmer months, you absolutely cannot skip out on this opportunity! At Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals we recommend that our guests make a stop at one of two tubing companies. Cool River Tubing Company is located right in the heart of Helen. For the low price of only $5 per person, you will be toted up the river via a short bus ride and dropped off with your inter tube to enjoy your adventure down the Chattahoochee River. The Helen, Georgia Tubing and Water Park offers tubing and a water park. This is a great option for little ones who aren’t up to a full day of tubing.

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you and your party can enjoy splashing, playing, drifting, and relaxing for either a one hour or two hour tubing excursions. This is the perfect way for friends and family to truly bond and connect with one another, free from the river tubing in helen gadistractions of cell phones, video games, or surfing the internet. As you enjoy your journey down the river, you will be given plenty of opportunity to laugh, talk, and experience the gorgeous scenery of northern Georgia together. All of these elements combined is what truly makes Helen, GA tubing an incredible experience that you do not want to miss!

Wintertime Helen, GA Tubing Fun

If you are planning on making the trip to northern Georgia during the winter months in order to experience the beauty of the snowcapped mountains, you will love the opportunities that you will have to do some Helen, GA tubing even when it’s cold outside! Both Snow Mountain and Scaly Mountain will provide you and your group with a full day of snow tubing, playing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Snow Mountain –  Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, this exciting attraction is a hot spot for locals and travelers alike. Here you will enjoy trying your hand at multiple tubing lanes such as Tube Runners (this is a set of ten lanes designed for single riders) or Avalanche Alley (a set of three lanes intended for multiple riders). You will not need to bring any tubing equipment with you as everything you will need for Helen GA tubing fun is included with the cost of admission. Before coming here, be sure to check Snow Mountain’s website for any height or weight restrictions.

When you need a quick breather and decide to take a break from tubing, you will still have plenty of other fun snow related activities to engage in. Snow Mountain is equipped with several play zones. Fort Snow is set up with turrets, tunnels, and slides is absolutely perfect for those under 54 inches. You anstone mountain snow tubingd your whole group can enjoy heading over to Snowman Valley. Here you will be able to build your own snowman and give him (or her) a name and face and you will even be able to dress your snow person up in a now suit. A “Snow Closet” is available for you to pick out all of the essentials (like silly hats and crazy scarves) required to help you build your ideal snowman. You will also love the Snowball Shooting Gallery. What could be more fun than a packing and playing with a good ol’ fashioned snowball? At the shooting gallery you can pack a hundred of these bad boys and shoot at crazy targets which flip, spin, and turn whenever you hit your mark. And don’t forget about Igloo City! You can become a snow architect in this fun area designated for construction forts, digging tunnels, and building all sorts of snow structures! Wrap up your day with a cozy bonfire at SnoFire Point and some yummy S’mores!

Scaly Mountain – Located on the west edge of North Carolina, Scaly Mountain offers snow tubing year round! Artificial turf is set up during the summer and cold, delightful snow provides the foundation for your tubing adventure in the winter. You’ll take a “magic carpet” lift to the top of the mountain before flying down on your tube, laughing and playing with your family and friends. Kiddie slopes are also available for the little ones.

Where will you go to get your Helen, GA tubing fix?