Days Out with the Kids

Summer is here and who is pulling on your “time” strings?  If you have kids you know the answer.  The younger ones seem to crave being with you and want your undivided attention.   A great way to give them what they are after is to have a special day out with the kids.River Wilds Cabin

Sure, we would love for you to come up to visit North Georgia cabin rentals but let’s face it, times are tough and it is not always feasible.   You can actually create your very own spot right in your own home.  days out with kids

This picture shows how.  This was an ordinary porch in my own backyard that we could not even enjoy in the summer due to the terrible bug and mosquito nuisance.   The little ones don’t think about mosquitos until it’s too late.   We created a kid’s place by putting netting around the deck to turn an outdoor space into an indoor feel.  We purchased a cheap mister, some wireless speakers that you can hook up to your iPod, some plants, and a fountain.

Voila! a kid’s day out in our own backyard. Call it something fun like “play time” so they have a fun place to hang out.  This has been an amazing experience and I must admit, some work.  Email me back if you would like to create this type of space at your home and I have someone who can help you do just that at a price much less than building a whole new addition.

If this seems like too much work, you can always take them to one of a vast array of Helen GA cabin rentals that will be sure to please and give you all a getaway that you will remember for years to come. Days out with the kids? We’ve got you covered!