Georgia Mountain Cabins Newest Top Pick

You already know that Helen, Georgia has some of the most beautiful scenery and breathtaking views in the country. Now you can take in the sights from on top of the world. Make your vacation to the Georgia mountain cabins a real adventure. A trip to Nanoochee Sautee is an exciting getaway trip for everyone, and with the advent of their new zip line tour, you, your family, and your friends are sure to have a unique experience.

ZipnTime Zipline

You will never see North Georgia the same way again. On Georgia’s newest zip line tour through ZipnTime, you will soar hundreds of feet in the sky with the birds and take in gorgeous, panoramic views of the Nonoochee and Sautee valleys. Unlike other zip line tours in the area, ZipnTime offers a look at exciting pieces of Georgian history in addition to an exhilarating canopy tour.

The Nanoochee-Sautee region is rich in history. You will experience the tragic love story of the Cherokee-Chickasaw romance that gave the region its namesake. Fly above the streams where gold rushers first flocked to strike it rich. Take in the fascinating stories of the Northern Georgia moonshiners. This zip-line tour will take you back in time as you visit each exciting period of history. The ZipnTime canopy tour is now open, and will soon be unveiling its half-mile-long “Big Zip” tour.

Unicoi State Park – Anna Ruby Falls

Another scenic adventure near Georgia mountain cabins can be found at Unicoi State Park in Sautee Nanoochee. This park is the home to Anna Ruby Falls – a must for visitors to the Chattahoochee forest.

These twin falls originate from two separate steams. Coming together at the base, Curtis & York Falls form Smith Creek and go on to flow into Unicoi Lake. Both streams originate on Georgia’s sixth-highest peak at Tray Mountain.

You can observe from the sixteen hundred acre Anna Ruby Falls Scenic area as Curtis Creek rushes one hundred fifty feet over the mountain and York Creek drops fifty feet to join up with his twin. One of the most popular falls in the Helen, Georgia area, you won’t want to miss this one.

Horsetrough Falls

Not far from Anna Ruby Falls is another of Northern Georgia’s gems – Horsetrough Falls. This seventy-foot beauty can be reached via a scenic hike on Horsetrough Trail. The waters that rush over these falls will join the Chattahoochee River and eventually reach the Gulf of Mexico. This waterfall drops in a series of free-falling cascades. Three separate ledges create the fall in its entirety and can best be viewed from the observation platform at the trail’s end.

old sautee market and deliThe Old Sautee Market & Deli

After a long day of thrills and taking in the sights, stop in for something to eat at the sandwich shop located at The Old Sautee Market & Deli. This market and eatery evokes a rustic atmosphere with its log cabin architecture. You can choose from a delicious array of sandwiches & to eat indoors or outdoors on the patio.

Now, more than ever, the Sautee Nanoochee Valley area has so much to offer and explore. From a thrilling zip line tour to a peaceful hike to a waterfall, to a delightful sandwich in a quaint deli, there is truly something for everyone – and only minutes from the Georgia mountain cabins!