The Top 5 Most Romantic Walks Near Helen Georgia

Though Helen and her surrounding areas offer many couple’s excursions, you may find that a simple stroll or hike together is all you really need. Where should you go for a nice hike together? If you are looking for the perfect setting for romantic walks or hikes near the cabin rentals of Georgia, here are five spots you don’t want to skip.

Ana Ruby Falls Trail

Located near the cabin rentals of Georgia, this breathtaking trail is just north of Alpine Helen and is a part of Unicoi State Park. The entire 1600-acre area is filled with gorgeous and romantic scenery. Because the trail is paved, it is not difficult to walk side by side with your partner while experiencing the beautiful sights and sounds around you. The payoff of this trail is a magnificent double waterfall which is formed by Curtis and York Creeks.

Andrews Cove Trail

Andrews Cove Trail boasts an exceptional number of dogwood trees, making it a truly beautiful sight to behold. Together you will enjoy a fairly easy hike in a secluded and serene setting. Walk hand-and-hand, through the woods, down the two-mile hiking trail that was formerly an old logger’s road, and simply enjoy each other’s company and the nature around you.Royal Suite living

Smith Creek Trail

If, after Ana Ruby Falls, you and your sweetie are not ready to leave the beauty and romance of nature behind, you can continue on down Smith Creek Trail. This path begins at Ana Ruby Falls and will frequently take you past babbling brooks. You will be graced by visions of beautiful plant and animal life, and will even uncover the remnants of the Pleistocene period over 20,000 years ago in a visually interesting bolder field. With so many fabulous views, you will find that this hike is both fairly easy and a great setting for a couple to bond.

Helton Creek Falls Trail

For a shorter but still very romantic walk with your best girl or guy, look no further than Helton Creek Falls. Conveniently located near cabins for rent in Georgia, you will be wowed by lush plant life as you descend into a mountain cove. As you continue down the trail, you’ll encounter a boardwalk that will allow you to traverse across fragile river line zones. You also have the option of taking a set of stairs down to the bottom of Lower Helton Falls to capture a breathtaking view from the observation deck. The trail continues to Upper Helton Creek Falls which cascade down a fifty-foot drop. Both of these majestic falls create a fabulous romantic backdrop for your walk.

Raven Cliff Falls Trail

For active couples, a longer and more romantic hike is found at Raven Cliff Falls. Located near Helen, this trail will take you on an enchanting journey following Dodd Creek and through a spectacular wilderness area. Multiple waterfalls grace the 9,600 area, ensuring a romantic and serene walk for the two of you. From start to finish, this trail will not bore your senses as it rarely strays far from Dodd Creek. You may also decide to take your fishing poles and spend some quiet time as a couple catching the ample trout in the area.

Northern Georgia has so much to offer for a perfect couple’s retreat. With a wide variety of romantic waterfalls and hiking trails, you and your sweetie will enjoy a serene afternoon taking in the sights and sounds offered to you near the cabin rentals of Georgia. Together as you walk, you will find time to connect and rekindle your feelings for one another.

Which hike do you think you and your partner would most enjoy? What appeals to you most about walking or hiking in Northern Georgia? Your thoughts are always welcome in the comments section of our blog.