Fun Things To Do in Georgia that Kids Won’t Hate

Taking a family vacation is supposed to be a fun experience but so often, Mom and Dad’s idea of fun doesn’t quite match up with what the kids think. Mom and Dad want to hike, enjoy the scenery, and relax in the mountains. The kids want to be active, get their hands dirty, and run around. Get the best of both worlds on your next family vacation to Helen, GA at the Lilly Pad Village where you can experience outdoor fun for kids and parents alike. Lilly Pad Village offers several fun things to do in Georgia, with exciting adventures all set against the scenic backdrop of the north Georgia mountains.
You have never seen a mini golf course quite like the one at Lily Pad Village. The folks at Lilly Pad threw out conventional putt putt golf wisdom when building their course to preserve the natural surroundings. So instead of loud music and brightly colored obstacles, you’ll hear the sounds of wildlife and see the natural colors of trees and foliage.

Go Fish!fishing
The entire Lilly Pad Village is built around a one-half-acre pond stocked to the brim with fish including catfish, brim, and small-mouth bass. Kids will never forget the experience of catching their very first fish with the help of Dad (or Mom). They will feel so proud of their outdoor accomplishment and will make this trip to Helen, GA even more special.

Strike It Rich
Gold and gem mining has a long tradition in Helen, GA so at Lilly Pad Village, you have a chance to try your luck at this mountain trade. Grab a bucket and start mining for precious gems. You might find emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and beautiful quartz as you wash away dirt in the flume and use your sieve to sort through rocks. Then, you can turn your rough gems into fine jewelry by taking a jewelry class at Lily Pad Village.

Take a Hike
Lilly Pad Village is all about the natural mountain surroundings of the north Georgia area. Choose from the many guided hikes offered by Lilly Pad Village immersing you in the natural beauty of the waterfalls, mountains, and rivers. Lilly Pad also offers snow hikes and walks so you can see the beauty of the four seasons in Helen, GA. Lilly Pad provides all transportation and hiking supplies for all of their nature walks and hikes.With so many options of things to do, it’s no wonder that more and more folks are choosing the north Georgia mountains for their Georgia vacation. Make sure everyone in the family gets what they want from your next vacation together. Head to Lilly Pad Village and enjoy all the fun the mountains and Helen, GA have to offer.