Cabin Rentals In Helen Georgia Exceed All Expectations

Cabin Rentals in Helen Georgia exceed all expectations!

Have you ever wanted to just get away to a place where no one would think to look for you? Some people dream of going to that place. Favorite vacation spots are just that — popular. Everyone thinks about going to the same place for a getaway. The usual spots seem to be Hawaii, the Bahamas, or even Paris, France.

It’s time to cancel out all those usual hot spots and think of going somewhere different. There are so many cozy little places probably right in your own state or town that are not on the long list of places to visit. Those places are the quiet secret hideaways.

Cedar Creek Will Exceed All Expectations

How many people would think about Georgia being a place to go for a vacation?  Not too many, and that is precisely our point. When you think about staying in a cabin, what comes to your mind? What would you expect from a vacation spot in the North Georgia mountains?

Helen, Georgia is home to luxury cabin rentals. We’re not talking about log cabins like back in the days of Abraham Lincoln! Cabins are much more than that these days. At Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, we have over 40 cabins for family vacations, couples retreats, or for individuals who need a private getaway.

If you haven’t vacationed in one of our luxurious cabins, you may not hold a very high opinion of these types of getaway accommodations. We have a variety of offerings and amenities. Our cabins feature all the creature comforts you need to enjoy your time away truly, and so much more.

You might wonder what to expect if there is anything to do, and how you find peace of mind when visiting us. We want to help put those concerns to rest so you can fully enjoy planning and experiencing your stay.Radiance Cabin living

What You Might Expect: Musty, Poorly Maintained Dark Accommodations

Many people believe that vacation cabins are usually neglected by their owners, and as a result, will be dirty, dingy, and falling apart. They think they have to bring their own linens, utensils, and trash bags. At Cedar Creek, this isn’t true!

What You’ll Get: A Clean Cabin With Upfront Disclosure of Cleaning Fees

Our Helen Georgia cabin rentals are well taken care of for your optimal comfort and enjoyment. Our goal is that our visitors will feel like they are at their home away from home when staying in our cabins. We ensure all our cabins receive regular maintenance checkups and scheduled cleanings by professional crews.

The aromas detected here are the sweet fragrance of the forest that surrounds you when a soft mountain breeze flows through your cabin windows during a mild summer day.

Most people are unaware of how much time goes into getting a cabin ready for our guests once it is vacated. Typically 2-3 people thoroughly clean the cabin, which includes all the following:

Hot Tub Cleaning And Refreshing with A Shock Treatment

All Sheets, Towels, Linens, Washed/Dried/Folded

Cleaning And Mopping of the Floors And Countertops

Sterilization And Scrubbing Down of All Bathroom Surfaces

Supply All Trash Bags, Dishwasher Tablets, Hand And Dish Soap

Cleaning of Cobwebs and The Bugs They Trap

These are only to name a few. Many will ask us if they may clean their own cabin. They might be the best cleaner in the world. But, since not all standards are the same, we won’t take the chance for one of our guests to rent a cabin cleaned by someone with a lower standard.  We’re sure you would not want to stay in that cabin. A cabin should look crystal clean from top to bottom and ready to go when you arrive.

To help ensure your cabins are cleaned and well-maintained, we even provide a checklist for you to review immediately upon your arrival. We ask you to call us within two hours of your arrival time if there is anything on our list that doesn’t meet our promise. In return, we’ll address the issue as soon as possible, giving you the freedom to focus on the reason you came to Cedar Creek.

Our guarantee to you is to deliver a clean cabin when you arrive. And, depending on the size of your rental, we charge a fee ranging from $50 to $150, so you’ll have no worries about cleaning before you depart. Walking into a squeaky clean cabin when you arrive and not having to do the work to clean it before departure is a value worth the small investment.

What You Might Expect: Lumpy, Uncomfortable Beds

Some folks avoid staying in the cabin rentals in Helen Georgia because they mistakenly believe that these vacation homes will be less comfortable than a standard hotel. They may think that the beds provided will be old, hard, and lumpy, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

What You’ll Get: Plush Beds, Fresh Linens, And Relaxing Sleeping Quarters

The truth is that our cabin rentals feature comfortable beds and mattresses so that our guests can get the rest they need. We want you to have a good sleep so you can recuperate and enjoy another full day of fun in the Helen area. Our cabins can sleep up to twelve individual persons on king, queen, double, and twin sized beds, depending on your need. Private bedrooms are available, as well as bunk beds for the kids and sleeper sofas. You may also request a cabin that provides fresh, clean linens so that you don’t have to haul bedding from home.

What You Might Expect: Zero Electricity and No Running Water

When many people think of a cabin rental, they imagine a dilapidated old shack that doesn’t have electricity or running water  – not too appealing. Vacationers who have never stayed in a luxury cabin may wrongly think our cabins will take them back to the dark ages. These people worry that they won’t have air conditioning, heating, or electricity, and shudder at the possibility of using an outhouse.

What You’ll Get: Full Power, Climate Control, and Hot Running Water

When you stay in the cabin rentals in Helen, Georgia, you’ll never be left in the dark. Our vacation homes offer electricity, which not only supplies power to your lights and hair straightener, but also allows you to listen to satellite radio, watch TV, and connect to the internet. The power keeps your snacks cool in the refrigerator, enables you to cook popcorn in your microwave, or heat up water for a green tea. You’ll also enjoy climate control and hot, running water in your cabin’s private bathroom or bathrooms.

You may be surprised to learn, then, that luxury cabin rentals are equipped with all of the creature comforts you need to relax and unwind. At Cedar Creek, all our cabins have electricity, climate control functions, and hot running water! That will keep you from feeling like you are transported back to the stone ages on your trip.

What You Might Expect: The Bare Essentials

Do you shun the idea of vacationing because you think you’ll miss out on the creature comforts that you enjoy at home? Folks who are not familiar with our cabin rentals may believe that they’ll be expected to “rough it” living off the bare essentials.

Maybe you have hit the road for your vacation later realizing you left some of your essential items back at home? We know there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a trip in a cabin when you have forgotten essentials and towels, enough pillows, or  blankets.

What You’ll Get: A Fully Equipped Home Packed With Luxurious Amenities and Tons of Options

When you stay in one of our cabin rentals, we provide all of your linens and bedding. All of our linens are fresh, clean, and extremely comfortable. Also, we provide our guests with modern kitchens fully equipped with cooking appliances, utensils, and cutlery. You can enjoy preparing and sharing a meal in the comfort of your own cabin. Since cabins are close to Helen, if you do need any extra toiletries, you can find what you need at the nearby local general store.

You’ll be amazed by what your dollar will afford you when you make the decision to stay in one of our luxury rentals. In fact, our cabins are so luxurious that you might find you prefer your vacation home to your house or apartment back in the city. Our cabins are stocked with incredible amenities from the inside out, at no additional cost to you.

For a price comparable to a stay in a single-room hotel, we provide guests with the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Instead of trying to live in a tiny hotel room, sharing beds and one bathroom with your family, imagine spreading out in a multi-story, multi-bedroom cabin. There’s plenty of space for everyone to relax and unwind comfortably in their own bed.

You can request cabins with game tables, porches or patios, barbecue grills and firepits, fireplaces and more! And after a long day of exploring northern Georgia with your family and friends, you can come back to your cabin and enjoy a long, hot soak in your own private hot tub. The best part is that all of this comes with the standard price of the cabin rental.

Georgia cabins offer cabins suitable for everyone with tons of options. We offer one to five bedrooms, a private and gated community for up to 50 people, and rentals for groups up to 120 people. We have accommodations for everyone whether its singles or groups, romantic retreats or reunions.

One of the most significant advantages of a mountain cabin vacation is that you have the power to choose your own dream accommodations. You never have to stare at a brick wall as your “scenic view” from your vacation rental again. You can customize your perfect view. Would you like a seasonal view of the northern Georgia mountains, or do you prefer panoramic views of the woods around your cabin?

You can select the location of your cabin, whether you prefer a flowing stream or waterfall view.

If you want to be in the middle of the action, we have cabins in Helen and within a couple of miles from town. If privacy is a priority for you, stay in one of our cabins located fifteen or twenty miles from Helen’s Alpine village.

What You Might Expect: A Bug or Spider Free Environment!

As much as we want to promise you will not see a bug, spider, or cobweb, we can’t do it. We realize you probably don’t see these all the time back in the city, so we work hard to keep it to a minimum for you, especially since little critters like these thrive in wooded areas.

There are times when no matter how well we clean your cabin, a little spider can come out of his hiding place and build a web within a matter of moments. It could look like we don’t do our job, but we can assure we address these little pests between each visitor.

What You’ll Get: Sorry To Bug You Service

We are sorry if you don’t find your cabin perfect. Because our cabins are situated in the middle of the woods, we actively working to reduce the incidences of bugs and spiders.

So, if you do find a little eight-legged crawling thing or a cobweb, please let us know so we can address it. When you give us this feedback, it helps us make it better for you and our other guests.

What You Might Expect: Being Too Close for Comfort

No one likes feeling like they are living on top of their family and friends when they are vacationing. Unfortunately, this seems to happen more often than we would like. Staying in a small hotel room or a cramped, old cabin forces you to get a little closer to others than you are typically comfortable with. That’s why so many people prefer to stay in a luxury cabin rental.

What You’ll Get: Extra Space To Breathe

Here, you will be able to spread out and offer everyone their own bed, and even their own bedroom for even more privacy. Multiple bathrooms allow Mom to enjoy a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub while everyone else gets their shower and morning routines done in other bathrooms. With all of that extra space, you’ll put an end to the bickering and really enjoy your time spent together.

What You Might Expect: Losing Touch With the Outside World

These days, most of us prefer to stay connected and up-to-date on what is going on in the world. Even when folks want to get away from everyday stresses, sometimes they still need to see how things are going back at the office or check-in with family or friends. Being without an Internet connection, then, is not ideal.

What You’ll Get: High-Speed or Wireless Connectivity

Our luxury cabin rentals offer high speed or wireless internet access so our guests can upload their getaway photos to social media, stay current on the news, or send an email to coworkers when necessary.

What You Might Expect: Overspending and Breaking Your Budget

Added fees or charges at the end of your hotel or cabin stay can be extremely frustrating! What if there are hidden fees that break your trip budget? These concerns are enough to drive a person insane creating stress that can spoil your whole vacation.

What You’ll Get: Affordability With No Hidden Fees

The best part about staying in a luxury cabin? It is incredibly affordable, and you’ll never be charged extra for fabulous amenities. And, if you choose you can save additional money by cooking up your dinner at the cabin.

If you want to bring your pet, we explain how it works and charge the pet deposit on the frontend. This way, all of our guests enjoy the peace of mind that their budgets will not be broken by additional hidden fees.

When you choose to visit us, you will know what you are paying for because we are always upfront about it.

What You Might Expect: Dying Of Boredom  

There are many beautiful places you can visit that have lovely cabin rentals but with nothing to do. Have you been there? You can only hang inside your cabin so long reading a book, putting together a puzzle, or cooking a meal before your enjoyment is extinguished and boredom increases.

What You’ll Get: Never a Dull Moment With Plenty Of Things To Do And Enjoy

Cabin fever is absolutely unheard of when you stay in a luxury cabin rental. No matter the weather, there is always something to do inside of and around your vacation home. Imagine watching the sunrise from the front porch of your cabin while listening to a peaceful stream or waterfall. You can start your day with a hike in the woods surrounding your cabin, go bike riding, or  take in the scenery by horseback. If relaxing on the banks of a river while others want are rafting is your type of adventure, it’s waiting for you.

There are a variety of  Helen GA attractions and things to do amid all this beauty that are ready to meet the needs of couples, families, groups, or a solitude getaway for one.

We even put together a Helen guide so you can plan your stay in Helen and make it the best adventure for you, your family and friends, or larger groups!

What You Might Expect: Noise, Nosy Neighbors, And Frustration

When you are spending money on your vacation rental, you shouldn’t have to worry about sharing the space with hundreds of other groups and families! Instead of listening to the thundering ice machine outside your hotel room door, why not take in the sounds of a rushing waterfall? And instead of the cries of children in adjoining rooms, wouldn’t it be more pleasant to hear the songs of Georgia birds?

What You’ll Get: Privacy And Comfort and Peace of Mind

Cabins can provide you with all of the privacy that you deserve during your getaway excursion. You and your family can enjoy your own private meals in your cabin’s fully equipped kitchen, use your hot tub and game tables without having to share with outsiders, and have some privacy from one another. You’ll find this helps make your vacation a lot more pleasant, flexible, and fun!

Never again will your vacation be spoiled by noisy hotel guests and cramped living conditions. When you’re secluded in the woods, you can focus on one another. That’s much better than dealing with all of the chaos that goes on inside a hotel. Plus, your whole family will be more comfortable when you all have the space to spread out and enjoy some personal privacy. Instead of the kids being forced to share a bed and everyone being jammed into a small room, you can all enjoy a separate sleeping area of your own! Our cabins are capable of sleeping as many as twelve guests so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep and feel totally relaxed.

Helen, GA is a small, quiet town that is nestled in the Appalachian mountains and is the perfect spot to visit for total privacy.

What You Might Expect: Ghosts, Goblins, & Things That Go Bump In The Night

With so many mountain cabins featured in horror movies, it’s not surprising that some folks are a bit wary of staying in a cabin rental in the woods. If all of those horror movies have left you feeling uneasy, rest assured you have nothing to fear when staying in a Cedar Creek cabin rental.

What You’ll Get: Safety and Security

Helen, GA is a safe destination for tourists, and our cabins are no exception to this rule. Our luxury cabins are not the creepy old shacks that you see on film. And, none of our vacation rentals are built on ancient burial grounds or things that go bump in the night.

For your peace of mind and comfort and so you can feel more secure and protected throughout your stay, you can choose to stay in a cabin located in a gated community.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that only those with an access code and permission can enter the property.

Though you will still enjoy a great deal of privacy, you will have “neighbors” close by to make you feel safe and comfortable.

What Will Give You Peace of Mind at Helen, Georgia Cabin Rentals?

As much work as you put into planning your Georgia vacation, there’s always the risk that something will go wrong. They say that you should always “expect the unexpected,” but there is no reason that your vacation should not exceed your expectations. That’s where our lush and affordable cabin rentals in Helen Georgia come into play. When you do opt to stay in one of the Helen cabin rentals you can rest assured that you will have an incredible experience, get the most value for your dollar, and can expect nothing less than your absolute best vacation.

When spending your hard-earned dollars on a vacation getaway, you want to have the assurance that you will have a fun and relaxing trip. When you book a stay in our cabins, you will hardly believe what your money can get you. Finally, a vacation that you can count on!

When you choose to stay in one of our lush cabin rentals, you will enjoy total comfort and relaxation as absolutely all of your needs and wants will be met. When organizing and planning a family vacation at a destination which you have never visited before, you may be left with a lot of “What Ifs.” What if your accommodations aren’t in a safe area? What if you forget things you may need? We’ve shared above all that you’ll get, but the main four that bring peace of mind anytime you are vacationing are safety and security, everything you need, no hidden fees and total comfort and privacy.

Instead of being stuck with a bunch of questions before your getaway, why not book a trip that will give you sound answers and peace of mind like a luxurious cabin rentals in Helen Georgia? Helen, GA is one of the most fun, and relaxing vacation destinations, and our cabins will ensure that your trip is perfect from start to finish.

Have you stayed with us in the past? We’d love to have your feedback in the comments section below.

Did our cabin rentals in Helen Georgia exceed your expectations?