Fantastic Georgia Getaways: Backpacking The Blue Ridge Mountains

One of the most beautiful locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains is on the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.  If you are looking for one of the many fantastic Georgia getaways then this is very high on the list.  I have spent a great deal of time in these mountains and their beauty even in the late summer is unmatched.  To be high on a ridge top with your campsite all prepared watching the sunset is one of the best ways to spend a late summer evening.Tranquility One Cabin

Be Prepared                       

If you want to have a blast and live simply for a few days backpacking in these mountains then it is very important to go prepared.  Some essential for the trip are great camping gear which include a summer temperature sleeping bag that is not too warm, but keeps you warm enough when the cool mountain air flows in at dusk.  One of the most important treasures to have in order to have a great nights rest in the mountains is a ground pad.

I have used the thermarest brand for years and have always enjoyed the light and inflatable comfort that it provides.  You can always ball up a light jacket for a pillow or fill a stuff sack to keep your head comfortable as well.  There is nothing quite like settling into a comfortable sleeping bag after a nice fire under the starlit sky!  This makes a long hike worth every bit.  Especially after a nice sunset and tasty dinner in the mountains.  Now this is definitely my idea of what Georgia getaways look and feel like.  To top it off you might have had some smores over the fire and read a great book with a headlamp inside the comfort of your tent.

Select The Right Tent     

Not only is your sleeping gear crucial, but also the tent that you choose is just as vital.  You will want a light tent while backpacking especially in the elevation and steep climbs in the mountains in Georgia.  Then you want to think about how many people will be sleeping in the tent.  This is important to know because the more people the heavier the tent will be and it is more effective to split up the tent pieces while traveling.

Many people turn to a bivy sac that is a shell for your sleeping bag and sometimes provides a small tent like compartment for your head.  This way you are really travelling light and fast.  It is nice to have a light room with a view in regards to your tent to make a more comfortable setting for your portable mountain home.  Don’t forget how important the rain fly is for the tent as storms roll in quickly in the North Georgia Mountains and they can quickly ruin Georgia Getaways.

This is an even more important reason to have a sturdy tent that keeps the weather out allowing you to be dry and warm in the case of bad weather.  I have heard multiple times that people have either been caught in a terrible hailstorm or have even been snowed on in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer!

Gear Is Of The Essence mountains in georgia

Solid sleeping equipment is crucial as well as the gear that you will wear during your Georgia Getaways.  Don’t forget a nice rain shell and pants if you have room.  Also a light fleece for the cool nights and a few quick drying pairs of shorts are huge.  If they do not have a liner then underwear that wick moisture and are made of an easily washable material are essential as well.

A durable and breathable pair of socks combined with a sturdy pair of hiking boots will make the journey much more enjoyable.  Don’t forget a good water bottle and portable water filtration system.  MSR is a great brand to find these made by as well as great camping stoves.  Never forget a great hat and sunscreen.  There are also some awesome high mountain streams to catch native brook and rainbow trout in so if you are a fisherman take your little three-weight fly rod.  This will enable you to cast around the mountain laurel much easier.

And last, but not least have wicking t-shirts and a pair of camp shoes like Chacos or flip-flops to help your feet air out at night.  I always take a sturdy headlamp and if trekking sticks help you to power up the trails with a heavy pack then go for it.  I would also recommend an Osprey, Gregory, or Arcteryx backpack for the journey, as these will last you a lifetime.

Now For The Hike

A great hike to finish your Georgia getaways is near Helen Ga within close proximity to Vogel State Park.  It is called Helton Creek Falls.   It is a fairly easy .2-mile hike that provides and nice play to wash off after your long trekking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is also an awesome place to have lunch as you reminisce about your adventures in the mountains.

Are you ready to find out more about this area and explore what the mountains in Georgia have to offer?