Saddle Up For Horseback Riding In The Mountains In Georgia

Horseback riding the trails in the mountains in Georgia is an amazing way to spend a beautiful day. The majestic scenery and clean mountain air are invigorating and revitalizing. When you choose to rent a cabin in North Georgia horseback riding is one of the many activities that sit just beyond your door. Whether you’re an experienced trail rider or a horseback rookie you’ll love the experience of riding in the mountains in Georgia.

What type of horseback adventures entice you to the trails in North Georgia?

Family Adventure Ride

Horseback riding is an activity in the mountains in Georgia that the whole family can participate in. Sunburst Stables in Clarkesville offers a fun Family Adventure program that anyone 4 or older can participate in. Riders seven years and older ride by themselves and children ages four to six ride double with an adult. The 2 hour rides depart at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm each day and the cost is $60 for a single rider and $20 for a child riding double. The beautiful mountain trail leads you to a miniature animal farm that the entire family will love. Mini donkeys, miniature cows, rabbits, ferrets, and pot bellied pigs are all waiting for you while you ride. There is also an aviary on site which boasts exotic birds, peacocks, and a turtle habitat. After playtime with the animals and a quick snack you’ll ride back to the stables.

Trail Rideshorseback riding

Chattahoochee Stables in Sautee offers year round trail rides through the beautiful mountains in Georgia. The stables open at 10:00 am every day and have rides leave every hour for a 3.5 mile scenic ride. These guided rides include 1.5 miles along the Chattahoochee. If you schedule your ride during the summer months you’ll get to experience a true river ride when your guide leads you through the Chattahoochee. You’re encouraged to make advance reservations to ensure there is enough room in the ride for your entire party.  If you have children under the age of five they’re welcome to join the ride but must ride with an adult.

Specialty Rides

If you’d like to be out on the trail overnight Fort Mountain Stables offers an overnight camping ride that is six to eight hours of riding. There is a four rider minimum for the overnight rides but the stables can combine groups to meet the minimum. The cost for this ride is $200 per person and includes both an evening meal and breakfast the following morning. Fort Mountain Stables also offers a sweetheart ride that many visitors to the mountains in Georgia truly enjoy. This ride is a 2 hour ride with 45 minutes scheduled for a specially packed picnic lunch. One couple rides alone with one guide and is able to enjoy each other’s company among the scenery of the North Georgia mountains.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Perhaps you caught the horseback riding bug on your last vacation to the mountains in Helen Georgia and would now like to perfect your skills. Or maybe you are an experienced rider who would like to learn a new skill. Everyone is welcome at Hawk Ridge Farm to come and take a horseback riding lesson. Group lessons are an hour long and private lessons are thirty minutes. You can contact the equestrian specialists to learn more about the different lessons available to horseback riders.Enchantment Cabin living

Whether you choose to go on a guided ride or you head to the trails alone, there are certain safety tips all riders should consider:

  • Dress properly for the weather. Wear close toed shoes and sensible clothing. Even if it is hot you may want to wear long pants to protect your legs as you ride.
  • Always wear a riding helmet and and safety stirrups.
  • Make sure all riders are comfortable on their horses before departing. A horse can sense when a rider is nervous or anxious and may react poorly.
  • Be aware of surroundings. Look ahead on the trail and take note of any areas that may be of concern.
  • If you notice low branches, holes, or stumps notify other riders.
  • Stay two horse distances apart. This prevents kicking and allows each horse to be comfortable on the trail.
  • Follow all directions provided by your guide or the stable you rode from.
  • Bring along your cell phone in case of emergency.

When you are planning your next vacation to the mountains in Georgia consider scheduling a horseback ride. Which of these rides would you enjoy the most during your next cabin stay?