Escape The Bustle With A Relaxing Helen Getaway!

When was the last time you took a weekend totally for yourself and your lover? Try Helen Getaway!

After all, while there’s a lot to like about the 21st Century, doesn’t it seem like our lives are being run by computers these days? We’re all beholden to the vast array of blinking, beeping things in our lives that tell us where to go and who to talk to, from moment to moment.

Life in the city is a nonstop parade of distractions, and distractions on top of distractions, with little opportunity to live in the meantime.

Well, that’s exactly what Helen, Georgia is for! This delightful little village is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, providing you the best possible way to “get away from it all” anywhere in the Southeastern United States.

Helen might be known for its nature adventures, but we’ve got plenty of options for folks who just want to relax.

Relaxing In Helen, Georgia: The Quiet Life, Open To Everyone

1 – Fishing

Helen is built alongside the majestic Chattahoochee River, providing plenty of opportunities for amazing fishing expeditions. Whether you’re floating down the river on a hired boat, or simply camped by the riverside with a picnic basket packed with local goodies, you can relax like our ancestors have for thousands of years.

In fact, with the Unicoi State Park nearby, you’ve got virtually endless opportunities for finding a secluded spot, miles from anyone. With the sun at your back and the wind lightly blowing, you could catch enough bass and catfish for a grilled feast!

It’s a great opportunity for children as well if they’ve never seen a fish that wasn’t plastic-wrapped in the grocery store. There really is little more satisfying than sitting down to a meal that you’ve truly caught yourself.

2 – Museums: Glass, Gourds, and Gold!

Helen is devoted to preserving the past, through timeless traditions that are still as useful today as when our ancestors were taming the wilderness. We have a wide range of museums and other educational exhibits, adding a dose of culture to your nature excursions.

These are three of our favorites:

The Gourd Place – Unique to Helen, this museum and shop showcases the art and utility of the humble gourd. In fact, it’s the oldest gourd crafting shop in America! They feature dining sets made using millennia-old techniques and amazing pieces of hand-painted art, in a stunning lakeside location.

Dahlonega Gold Museum – If gourds don’t impress, maybe gold will! The nearby Dahlonega Museum preserves the history of gold mining in Georgia. Twenty years before the famous California gold rush, Dahlonega already had a US Mint. View rare gold coins, fantastic nuggets, and legitimate 19th-century mining equipment, while exploring a genuine antebellum mansion.

Glass Mountain Gallery – Helen is also known around the country for its glass craftsmen. This amazing art combines high-tech with ancient techniques, creating shimmering works that are equally stunning during and after their creation! The Glass Mountain Gallery is a great opportunity to watch glasscraft in action, and take home a unique conversation piece!

3 – Spa and Massage Treatment

Maybe your idea of relaxing is all about you. If you want to be preened and pampered like royalty, Helen has you covered! Our spas and saunas give you the treatment you’d expect in the city but are surrounded instead by America’s pristine natural majesty.

If nothing but hands-on treatment will rub the weariness from your muscles, we recommend the Healthy Foot & Body Massage, Helen’s premiere relaxation center. They offer a wide variety of treatments – foot, back, shoulders, or full-body – with multiple techniques, including Swedish and deep massage.helen georgia cabins

Whether you’re shrugging off the nice aches of a mountain-climbing expedition, or just trying to forget about that client for a couple of hours, the Helen spa treatment will pick you up!

4 – Luxurious Mountain Cabins

Our forefathers may have gotten by with rough cabins made from fresh-cut timber, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

When you stay in a Helen luxury cabin, you truly get the best of both worlds. Our cabins come with all the amenities, including cable, high-speed WiFi, and a full kitchen. Most cabins have outdoor BBQ/grilling areas, and you can even have your own hot tub.

Sure, a sauna treatment is nice… but wouldn’t your private tub be so much nicer? Especially on a cool evening, with nothing but the birds and the winds through the trees for company. Once someone goes into a genuine Helen luxury cabin, they may not be seen again… at least until it’s time to go home.

Helen: Everyone’s Getaway 

Helen, GA offers a wealth of relaxing and educational experiences that are perfect for forgetting about the stresses of everyday life. If you’re looking at months of endless sales meetings, perhaps it’s time to make the call and reserve your very own cabin!