Host Your Gaming or Photography Getaway In North Georgia Cabin Rental

Hobbies are a great way to focus on something you enjoy to pull you out of your daily grind. But sometimes it’s hard to get a group together or free yourself from distractions to have a hobby-centric weekend. Host your gaming or photography getaway in a North Georgia cabin rental.

Taking your hobbies to a vacation cabin can give you the time and space you need, and it complements the goal of getting away from your work routine.

These hobbies are just a few of the activities that friends and families bring to our North Georgia cabins!


Board games

Whether it’s simple family classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, new favorites like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, or advanced games like Axis and Allies, you’ll have the time, space, and focus to complete even a long game or two.

With larger groups, you can even have multiple different games going at once.

Video games

While online multiplayer gaming is fast enough that players don’t need a Local Area Network (LAN) party to have seamless competition, sitting down in a room with your friends to get a game going is still a great experience.

Whether you do play locally or just hook into the wireless internet service so you can all play online at once, you’ll have plenty of space for snacks and nobody to complain about the loud smack talk you throw around when you win.


The practice of preserving personal, and family history, and memorabilia in a scrapbook is over five hundred years old, and scrapbooking as a group activity is much more common than some people may know.

Scrapbooking, like photography and journaling, is also a great way to preserve vacation memories. In point of fact, scrapbooking brings elements of both photography and journaling into play. North Georgia Cabin Rentals even has cabins available specifically geared toward scrapbooking vacations and group retreats.

Whether it is for a personal scrapbooking getaway or a group scrapbooking retreat, we recommend bringing your group together in a cabin in Helen, Georgia. Cabins can accommodate guests numbering from two to as many as fifty.



Need a silent, distraction-free environment full of new inspiration? Look no further, as a rental cabin provides exactly this. Our wireless internet connections provide a service for you to access documents or do a little research, but you’ll otherwise have every reason to focus on the page. When you need a mental break, you can take a nature hike, and you might even find some new ideas that come from these new experiences.


If you want to brush up on your photography game, a cabin rental offers a lot of options. You’ll have plenty of safe, clean space to go through your equipment. Our cabins are elegant and well decorated for an indoor subject, and right outside your door will be a multitude of beautiful natural subjects. You can also head to one of the nearby trails or downtown Helen for even more options if you like.

Then, once you’re done, you’ll have plenty of time to go through photos and make edits.

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals has whatever you need for an enjoyable hobby retreat, gaming, or photography getaway.