Cabins in Helen GA – Where Alabama Goes to Relax

We know Alabama needs a place to relax.  This Facebook survey on our Facebook homepage says it all.   This posted question went wild.  We believe the folks are clear about what the mountains provide and we wanted to give a special shout-out to all of our fans for pointing out why the Cabins in Helen Ga are the ideal spot to relax, enjoy beautiful scenery, and visit our local attractions.  Here is a travel blog about Georgia we thought you would also enjoy.

We all felt horrible here in Georgia for what Alabama and Mississippi went through this year for some of the worst disasters you ever faced and we wanted to extend a warm invitation for you to have a place to come to. Have you ever had one of our special Georgia peach cobbler pies?  Well, we still have an extra slice waiting just for you and a whole lot more.

So here you are sitting on the top of Mt. Yonah by Helen, GA. Now if this does not lower your blood pressure, I’m not sure what will or maybe the lake at Unicoi fishing with your child or grandchild.  Many come over to Atlanta for business or pleasure watching sporting events or enjoying some fine Atlanta shopping but just a short 90 minutes north you are in for relaxation and beautiful scenery.  Pick out one of our luxury cabin rentals to hang out in and you are on your way to a relaxing memory.

So come on over to Alabama and join us.  We promise to provide our southern charm and a slice of pie just for you.Holiday Cabin living

In conclusion, the allure of Cabins in Helen, GA, where Alabama goes to relax, as echoed by the resounding responses from our Facebook survey. We extend a warm invitation to our Alabama neighbors to experience the tranquility and hospitality Georgia offers, complete with a slice of our famous peach cobbler pie.