Amicalola Falls Cabins: 4 Ways To Experience The Beauty

Are you making plans to visit our luxurious cabins in scenic northern Georgia? If so, a day trip to Amicalola Falls Cabins State Park is an absolute must. The word Amicalola is taken from the Native American Cherokee language and  means “tumbling waters”. This description could not be more fitting of the 729 foot cascade. In fact, Amicalola Falls is the highest falls East of the Mississippi river and is extremely popular with visitors throughout the year. Regardless of whether you are an adventurer or are simply looking for some beautiful scenery to enjoy on your trip, there is something for everyone at Amicalola Falls cabins. Here are four different ways for you to experience all that Amicalola Falls cabins has to offer.

1. The Relaxing Approach

If you’re not looking to break much of a sweat on your trip to Amicalola Falls State Park, there’s no reason why you still can’t experience its beauty. Although there is a staircase with a total of 604 steps leading to the top of the falls, you don’t have to climb them all in order to see the breathtaking cascade. The first viewpoint comes after a short journey up a handicap accessible incline. From this location you will be offered a partial view of the best part of the falls, as well as several smaller cascades. Some great photos can be captured from this point, however, you may opt to move up to the second viewpoint. This stop requires you to walk up 175 stairs to a bridge and scenic viewpoint that is perfect for a waterfall photo shoot. When you’re done checking out the falls, you can enjoy a nice, relaxing lunch with your family or that special someone at one of the park’s several picnic shelters.

2. The Unique Approach

Have you heard of geocaching? It’s becoming all the rage for visitors to the various Georgia State Parks including Amicalola Falls. In a nutshell, Geocaching is a high-tech version of a treasure hunt. If you’ve got a GPS or smartphone with a GPS app, you’ll be able to search Amicalola Falls and 56 other Geoamicalola fallsrgia State Parks & Historic sites for hidden containers (called “caches”) which contain a small prize that other game players have left for you to find. By visiting you can search for GPS coordinates at Amicalola Falls State Park specifically, or other nearby areas. As you search for the coordinates with your family and friends, you’ll be able to take in all of the beauty of the park and get some great exercise, too. Once you find the hidden treasure, you get to take the prize and leave another one for the next person.

3. The Fitness Approach

For those looking to view the falls and enjoy the park while getting some fresh air and exercise, you’re in luck! There are numerous hiking trails throughout the state park at various lengths and levels of difficulty. The Creek Trail is of moderate difficulty and is .6 miles long. On this path, you’ll enjoy a scenic walk from the Visitor Center to the Reflection Pool located at the bottom of the falls. The Mountain Laurel Loop is a 1 mile, moderate hike which will take you along the ridge above Amicalola Creek. For a longer and more strenuous hike, consider the New Appalachian Approach Trail which is 8.5 miles long.and includes the 604 stairs to the falls overlook. Lastly, the fitness trail is perfect for those who want to get a workout in while enjoying the beauty of Amicalola Falls. The trail is accessible from the visitor center and features over 20 exercise stations so that you can work every muscle of your body with the sounds of nature and the magnificent waterfall in the background.

4. The Adventurous Approachhiking amicalola falls ga

For those visitors with a spirit of adventure, you may consider attempting to join Georgia’s Canyon Climbers Club. Because one of the requirements for joining the club includes climbing the 604 stairs to the top of Amicalola Falls, you’ll already have a great start to your mission after visiting the gorgeous state park. In addition, Canyon Climbers must explore the depths of Providence Canyon (a short drive south of Helen), cross the swinging bridge in Tallulah Gorge (just East of Helen) , and conquer the staircases in Cloudland Canyon (a short drive East from Amicalola Falls). You’ll have a true adventure and create memories to last for a lifetime (not to mention bragging rights) when you become a member of the exclusive club. You’ll even get a t-shirt as a souvenir of your visit to northern Georgia so that all your friends back home will know that you did it!

There really is no wrong way to experience the beauty of Amicalola Falls. Which of these approaches sounds the most appealing to you, for your next visit to nearby cabin rentals?

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