A Deep Dive Review Into An Experience At Our Oasis Cabin

The following review comes from one of our guests from Florida. Tom shares about his experience during a stay, illuminating the different aspects of his Oasis romantic cabin getaway. Read his story to learn what you can expect during your future stay at this luxurious oasis cabin.

We stayed in >the Oasis cabin in mid-March, 2019. We really enjoyed our stay. I wanted to point out a few things that might be helpful to know if you stay in this cabin.

The Sauna

If you want to listen to music inside, just turn it on and do a Bluetooth search from your phone. It has a weird name, but it’s also the only one that shows up. If you cannot hear music, there is a switch on the ceiling inside the sauna next to the speaker.

The sauna is large enough for two to share. It is the Clearlight Premier IS-2. It was a fun experience. Just let it heat up for ten minutes first.

The back porch hot tub

Ours was on and heated up when we arrived. The jet will be on a low setting. If you push the jet button it speeds up. At first, we were disappointed in the jet pressure. The key is, that there is a diverter on the wall under the water just below the filter return. You can turn it into four different positions to get more power on the different jets. That made a lot of difference. We really enjoyed it.

The drink holders are at the wrong angle so be careful not to spill your beverage. We brought out a dining chair and sat our stuff on it.Oasis Cabin living

The indoor tub

This is an air jet tub, not a water jet tub. Having said that, it is amazing how powerful air jets are. There is a control panel that only takes a few minutes to figure out.

The tub itself takes about 30 mins to fill up, so start it early. Make sure the water is a little warmer than you think you’ll need, as it cannot reheat itself like some water jet tubs.

The shower

This thing is fabulous. So much room to enjoy with your favorite person. Once again, turn it on a few minutes before you are ready. We never ran out of hot water. I think this is because they have three water heaters, which is a good thing.

The corner bench is large enough for one person to sit on. There’s not an incredible amount of water pressure on any of the shower outlets, but that did not detract from the experience.

The pool table was nice

We got tired of the pool and switched to a modified version of the tabletop shuffleboard. You can view my explanation in the following video: How to play tabletop shuffleboard billiards table.

The fireplace

Our suggestion is, just to pick up 6 to 8 Duraflame logs. They are only about $3 each and are cheaper and easier to use.

The original Duraflame logs don’t give off a lot of heat which is good for the summertime if you want to enjoy a fire with the AC on. They also sell Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs which do give off heat and you can roast over them too.

The Keurig coffee maker worked well

We brought some pods. We preferred the 8oz setting and strong. They also provide an empty pod you can fill with your own coffee.

The bed was a memory foam type mattress which you really sink into

It makes for an interesting experience. I wouldn’t want to sleep on it all the time, but for a change it was okay. If you require a lot of support, you might need to bring something to firm it up, like a mattress topper.

Location & Privacy

As far as the location of the Oasis, it’s not super secluded, but we never felt we were not private. There is a privacy panel on the hot tub side facing the next cabin.

If you are sitting by the fire pit, anyone from the street can see you if they are outside.

The view out of the back porch is just wooded, so that makes it feel private. The back porch faces east so it makes for a nice sunrise.

The grill is charcoal style. It worked well with one small bag of charcoal for each grilling.


We did not make use of the TVs, but they have a Roku and DirecTV.

The internet is amazingly fast, 60mbps down. You could easily stream movies. Just remember to bring your own Netflix/Amazon passwords.


Owner Note: To alter the temperature, simply turn the Nest thermostat unit to the left or right.

It’s a Nest and for some reason, we had to text the owners to switch modes from heat to cool. It should be automatic. The good news is they can do it remotely and they did so fast.

Things to bring

A cotton bath mat; extra washcloths and hand towels; paper towels; a loud Bluetooth speaker to sit on the fireplace mantel and fill the cabin with music; some bath salts to soften up the water; some hot tub scents; a queen-sized sheet for the leather couch; string lights for the back porch.

– Tom B. from Lakeland, Florida staying in the cabin, Oasis.