Cabins In Helen Await You For A Family Vacation

Helen, Georgia is a remarkable place to visit. The surrounding mountains invite you to enjoy a family vacation full of adventure and scenic beauty. Choosing one of the many rental cabins in Helen allows you and your family to spend more time together and to connect with the natural beauty of the North Georgia region.

Have you stayed in one of the rental cabins in Helen before? What did you enjoy most?

When you are planning a family vacation to Helen, Georgia you have many different choices for lodging. There are definite benefits to choosing a rental cabin, including:

  • Affordability Choosing a rental cabin is an affordable option, especially for larger families who may require multiple hotel rooms. The per night cost of a cabin varies based on size and amenities but is almost universally more affordable than a hotel or corporate lodging. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook your meals on site and avoid the additional cost of taking your family out to eat for each meal. You can also take advantage of on-site recreational opportunities to save money.oasis cabin Hot Tub
  • On site amenities Every property is different but each of our rental cabins in Helen offers guests a unique set of amenities to enjoy. Many cabins boast hot tubs, game rooms, entertainment systems, and outdoor grills or fire pits. Some of these amenities may be available at local hotels but not exclusively for your family. You can plan a family movie night, challenge the kids to a ping pong tournament, or choose a clear night to make s’mores around the fire pit.
  • Privacy When you first approach your rental cabin in Helen you’ll quickly understand exactly how private the surroundings are. You will likely be alone and secluded with a unique opportunity to reconnect as a family. This private space is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee on the back deck, taking a quiet walk near a babbling stream, or letting the kids play in the yard. You don’t have to worry about noise from other travelers or the inconvenience of staying in close hotel quarters.
  • Plenty of space Instead of cramming your family into one small hotel room give them the gift of space. Choose one of our rental cabins in Helen that provides plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your vacation. While you are cooking dinner the kids can be in the game room. Separate bedrooms allow family members to go to sleep and wake up when they want and gives every member of the family a bit more personal privacy. Many cabins have more than one bathroom, eliminating the hassle and inconvenience of everyone waiting to use a single shower.

There are numerous fun activities near rental cabins in Helen for your family to enjoy. Our guests love to share with us the adventures they discovered while staying in our cabins in Helen. Their family-friendly favorites include:

  1. Babyland General Hospital Home to Xavier Roberts and the Cabbage Patch Kids, Babyland is a fun excursion for the entire family. Children can participate in specially designed activities, tour the property, and even choose a baby to adopt and take home. Check the calendar before your visit to learn if any special events are available during your stay.
  2. North Georgia Zoo Located in nearby Cleveland, the North Georgia Zoo provides an opportunity for your family to get close to the wildlife. A variety of miniature and rare breed animals are part of the petting zoo and working farm. You can touch these animals and learn more about how they live. You may also add an exciting encounter to your day at the zoo to personalize your experience and learn even more.
  3. Dukes Creek Gold and Ruby Mine Did you know that the mountains of North Georgia were home to the first United States gold rush? Take your family back to the 1820’s when you search for gold and gems at the Dukes Creek Mine. The mine staff will teach you the art of gold panning to help you extract any treasures found in the material for purchase at the mine’s store.
  4. Sunburst Stables There is plenty of adventure waiting for you in Clarkesville, just nine miles from Helen. You can choose an exciting zipline tour, a horseback trail ride, or one of the many boating adventures. Sunburst Stables offers several different packages and tours, ensuring that your family has an abundance of fun. Camps are also available for both boys and girls ages 8 – 15 throughout the summer months.
What is your family’s favorite thing to do while staying in Helen?