Your Best Summer Vacations for Couples

The commercials start after spring break. You begin seeing advertisements and promotions for family vacations and getaways to please mom, dad, and the kids. And while family vacations are all good and well, not everyone has children, wants to be around children, or wants to take their kids on each and every vacation. This summer, plan one of your best summer vacations for couples by booking time away in cabins in north Georgia. The natural settings, a wide variety of activities, and cabins made just for two make Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals the perfect summer escape for a couple.

Get Red
For a perfect summer vacation for a couple, take advantage of the romantic locations and inspired wines in the Georgia Wine Country. This area is rapidly becoming known for producing high-quality red and white wines. Plus, you can easily pick up a bottle or two to enjoy back at your romantic cabin in the woods.
Trout Lily Cabin living
Get Lost
The biggest downside of the major vacation attractions each summer is the crowds. Northern Georgia, though, has ample space in the Chattahoochee National Forest and Appalachian Mountains to get lost as a couple and find yourselves with no one else around but just the two of you. Try a romantic horseback ride for two from one of the many stables in the area. Wander out onto the Georgia portion of the Appalachian Trail. Or simply stay at home in your individual cabin, choosing to get lost in time with each other. Finding time to be alone will make this one of the best summer vacations you’ve had in a while.
Get Wettubing
When Georgia heats up in the summer, it’s best to head to the water. Families usually take over the tubing and easier white water rapids so this is the perfect time to seek out the river wild on a kayak or raft. The Chattahoochee River provides the perfect setting for a dip in the river. And of course, the perfect place to enjoy the water is in your own personal hot tub or jacuzzi tub that comes with your isolated cabin in the woods. Plan one of your best summer vacations this season by planning a trip just for two. Get away as a couple to a private, secluded cabin in the woods and enjoy the solitude of the North Georgia mountains.