Your Best Summer Vacations are North Georgia Cabin Rentals

This is the time of year when families agonize over where to go for the best summer vacations and what to do.  The kids will have a large stake in the choice.  What is fun for them, keeps them busy, lets you kick back, and is safe?  Oh, and something that does not pinch the pocketbook too much.  I’m sure you were not thrilled when you filled up your tank in the last week.  OUCH, $4 gas is back.   Those who live in Georgia, you’re in luck.  Just over an hour from Atlanta, you will be in a different world.

Many reading this have never ventured out to North Georgia cabin rentals. As you can see, the views are amazing.  Caution- have a support line if you’re sitting on that cliff. For about a $25 gas trip, you can be right there.   Ok, so you’re hanging around in your mountain cabin and the kids are playing pool, walking the trails, hanging out on the playground, and roasting marshmallows at the campfire.  So – what to do next?  Explore Helen, GA, of course.  Here is a list of 16 things to do in and around the cute mountain town of Helen, Georgia.

north georgia cabin rentals

Or you can go to one of the mountain towns of Clarkesville, Cleveland, or Cornelia and enjoy walking down the sidewalks and get a feel for some real Southern tradition.  You would not believe how many great country cooking spots you will find and these are the real deal. I’m sorry if I’m knocking you off your diet plans but this is just too good to pass up.  The best thing about it is when you dine out in a small country town, you do not pay an arm and a leg for the meal.  And, you get to experience some good old-fashioned Southern charm to boot.

So stop worrying about where to go, the spot is right in your backyard at Georgia Cabins, the best summer vacations, it’s easy on the wallet, and there’s plenty to do. We promise you will enjoy your stay.