Where can I see wildlife in Helen, GA?

Is your idea of “wildlife” a neighbor’s dog escaping into your back door? Unfortunately, many city slickers don’t get much of an opportunity to enjoy many of nature’s beautiful creations. This is why a vacation in the great outdoors is the ideal way to allow yourself and your family to relax, breathe in some fresh air, enjoy a change of scenery, and get up close and personal with some truly extraordinary plant and animal wildlife. One of the greatest ways to accomplish all of this is to book a stay in a luxurious cabin in the Helen, GA area.

Discovering the “Wilder” Side of Helen, GA

Q: Where can I see plant wildlife in Helen, GA?

A: Pretty much everywhere! For starters, you can select the type of view that you would like to have from your cabin. If you are truly looking to immerse yourself in nature and plant wildlife, consider booking a cabin rental in a wooded area. Not only will you enjoy total privacy, but you will also find yourself captivated each day by spectacular panoramic views of the trees and plants around you. Together with your family you can blaze your own trail near the cabin to discover flowers that are native to the Helen, GA area. Consider making wild flowers at cabins near helen galeaf rubbings from the various wild plants that you discover and trying to identify their origins through a northern GA plant guide.

If you and your group are planning to stay with us during the springtime, a visit to Unicoi State Park is an absolute must for spotting plant wildlife. In fact, each Saturday until April 27th, you can enjoy a guided tour through the park discovering all of the “Spring Wildflowers Around Unicoi” which are in bloom. This makes for the perfect opportunity to take pictures and learn about the plants that are indigenous to the Helen, GA area. Of course there are also plenty of hiking trails within the park that will allow you to discover plant wildlife on your own.

Do you have little ones with you? Call the park or visit their website learn about registering the kids for “Growing Up Wild” – a program held at various intervals throughout the month that teaches children to identify and appreciate nature. As your kids have fun exploring, you and your sweetie can enjoy some alone time, hiking on the many paths available within the park and discovering nature together.

Q: How can I experience animal wildlife in Helen, GA?

A: There are many opportunities for visitors to Helen, GA to have an up close and personal encounter with wild animal life. Even just sitting on the private porch of your cabin you may be lucky enough to spot a dchestatee wildlife preserve near helen gaeer lapping up water from a nearby creek. Of course, if you don’t like to leave things to fate, you can also make arrangements to experience the animal wildlife in the Helen, GA area. For starters, why not register for a birdwatching hike or class at Smithgall Woods?

If looking up at the sky and trying to spot birds isn’t your thing, however, you can always head to Amicalola Falls State Park for “Close Encounters of the Bird Kind” at various times throughout the month. This entertaining program is fun for all ages and features live birds of prey. While you are in the area, be sure to stop by the Amicalola Falls Deer Park. Here you will be able to pet and even feed actual deer  and enjoy watching them play together.

And if you want something really wild be sure to visit the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve which features numerous exotic animals like zebra, alligators, macaws, pythons…and if you have the extra money to spend, you can even have an encounter and photo opportunity with white siberian tiger cubs!

Pure Gold Cabin living

Q: Why stay in a Helen GA cabin?

A: When you think of staying in a cabin, what comes to mind? If a dingy and musty one-room shack is the image that appears in your brain, get rid of it right now! The lush cabins near Helen, GA are the ideal way for those who aren’t necessarily “outdoorsy” to comfortably introduce themselves to the wonders of nature. Although you will be able to spend a great deal of time outdoors, taking in all of the scenery and wildlife that the Helen, GA has to offer, you won’t have to worry about finding any of it inside of your cabin. There will be no critters scampering through your cabin late at night, making you rue the day that you decided to start experiencing wild life. Instead, all you will find indoors are fabulous amenities including hot tubs, Jacuzzi baths, fireplaces, game tables, private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and more.

How will you experience the wilder side of Helen, GA?