Why Helen Hotels Take A Backseat To The Helen Cabins

When planning vacations, most people make the crucial mistake of staying in a hotel instead of a cabin. But when you compare the hotels to the cabins in Helen, the Helen cabins win, hands down.

Looking at your two options side by side, you begin to really wonder why so many people choose hotels over vacation rentals when cabins have so many advantages. Let’s take a look at the way cabins beat the competition.


On the surface, a hotel appears to cost less than a vacation rental. However, hotels have several hidden costs. First, you don’t have a kitchen in a hotel room so you need to add a food budget. Eating out at restaurants and ordering room service gets to be a bit expensive by day two or three of your vacation. You also could have to pay extra for parking, tipping the housekeepers, wireless internet, satellite TV, and a whole host of other, possibly hidden costs. And if you stay in a premium room, the costs go up even higher.

Unlike hotels, you save money when you rent a cabin on your vacation. They come with a parking spot. There is no additional cost to use the hot tub, pool table, Jacuzzi, fireplace, or any other amenities that may be available. Plus, cabins come with fully equipped kitchens so instead of having to eat out for every meal, you can enjoy healthy, delicious, and cost-effective meals in your cabin.


Take a look around at the amenities of the average hotel. They buy furniture in bulk and they buy furniture meant to withstand heavy use. It’s hard, uncomfortable, and lacks style. Then, take a quick measurement of your hotel room. A standard room includes a bed, a dresser, maybe a small table with a chair, and the restroom. That’s it. For longer stays, a hotel room doesn’t provide much comfort.

Cabin rentals, on the other hand, feel like home. You have multiple rooms — living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, multiple bathrooms, game rooms — allowing you to settle in and spread out comfortably.

When you plan a vacation, you want control over your schedule. When you stay in hotels, they control your itinerary. Quiet hours, leaving the room for housekeeping and the inflexibility of having guests in your room mean you give up control over your time off.

In cabins, you control the pace of your vacation. Invite your local friends over for dinner. Sleep late. Turn the music up. It’s your vacation and you should decide how to spend your time.

While many people look first to book a hotel for their vacations, it’s time to stay in the superior accommodations of the cabins in the Georgia mountains. What is your favorite cabin advantage?