Where Is The Best Oktoberfest Celebration In The Nation?

The leaves are changing color, and the weather is growing cooler which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Oktoberfest Helen GA! The 2013 is going to be bigger and better than ever, but how does the rest of the nation celebrate, and how does Oktoberfest Helen GA stack up? This guide to 5 of the biggest and best Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the United States will provide you with all of the details about the best places to visit during the German-themed festivities.

1. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, Cincinnati OH

Cincinnati knows how to put on an impressive Oktoberfest celebration. As the largest celebration of its kind in the nation, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is bested only by the real thing, which is located in Bavaria. Each year, there are about half a million attendees who all flock to a six block area of downtown Cincinnati to live it up and have the time of their lives.  And how could they not? For starters, there are some 1,300 barrels of beer to be consumed, and delicious German fare to taste every way that you turn. On top of this, the event always tires to beat two of its own world records. Festival-goers can make history by taking part in the largest chicken dance – ever, or being a part of the largest Kazoo band. The only real drawback to this celebration is that the fun only lasts for two days.

2. Oktoberfest Helen GA

For those who want to experience a little piece of Germany without straying from the hospitality of the south, Oktoberfest Helen GA is just the ticket. This annual event has earned its stripes by becoming the largest Oktoberfest celebration in all of the southeastern U.S. The entire city of Helen jumps on board to make the festival extremely special, and as authentic as possible. Nestled in the northern GA mountains, Oktoberfest Helen GA takes place right in the heart of a replica Alpine village. Cobblestone roads, winding alleys, red gabled roofs, and horse-drawn carriages all set the scene, and the numerous Bavarian-themed restaurants, shops, and attractions add to the effect even more. But the main event takes place in the Festhalle. Here, attendees can enjoy German food at communal tables, beer, dancing to live polka bands, and make merry! Oktoberfest Helen GA begins mid-September and runs through the end of October.Pinnacle Suite Treehouse

3. Hofbrauhaus, Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas definitely knows how to put on a good party, and its Oktoberfest celebration is no exception to this rule. The Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas is actually a reproduction of the  Munich beer hall of the same name, and is famed throughout the world. In order to celebrate its namesake, the Vegas Hofbrauhaus does something a bit unique: it holds a tapping of the keg to kick off each weekend of the festival, and the keg is tapped by a celebrity guest. Even Siegfried & Roy have done the honors. Attendees of this Oktoberfest celebration will enjoy Bavarian dress, music, dancing, beer, spirits, and more. Like Oktoberfest Helen GA, the Hofbrauhaus celebration kicks off in the middle of September and continues until Halloween.

4. Tulsa Oktoberfest, Tulsa OKCabins in Helen GA

It may not seem like the most likely location for an Oktoberfest celebration, but Tulsa certainly holds it own. In fact, one of Tulsa’s biggest claims to fame is its integral role in introducing Americans to one of the most beloved elements of Oktoberfest: The Chicken Dance. In 1981, Germany’s own Heilbronn Band taught the silly dance to the festival-goers at Tulsa’s Oktoberfest, and it has spread like wildfire ever since. But besides dancing to some fabulous polka bands, Tulsa’s celebration features all kinds of fun activities like a Das Boot 5K race, a wiener dog race, a beer barrel race, a stein carrying contest, and more. As with Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, the Tulsa Oktoberfest celebration is a short affair, only running for 3 days in October.

5. Oktoberfest by the Bay, San Francisco CA

West Coast Oktoberfest fans, don’t despair! Oktoberfest by the Bay has proved itself to be a fabulous celebration, time and again. This can largely be attributed to the fact that the city is home to an impressive 17 German clubs, all of which choose to pitch in for the festival and make it something truly special. The celebration takes place at Pier 48 and features a wide range of excellent bands playing “sizzling oompah music”, tempting German fare, and a marvelous selection of beers. Oktoberfest by the Bay is another shorter festival, lasting only for a couple of days at the beginning of October.

So which Oktoberfest celebration is best? It all comes down to where you’d like to travel, how you’d like to celebrate, and how the festival’s duration affects your ability to attend. Which Oktoberfest will you be going to?