What Outdoor Adventures Are Near Amicalola Falls Cabins?

Taking a week, or simply just a weekend, away from your busy life can be a great way to relax and recharge. Instead of venturing to the same destination you always go to for some time away maybe it’s time to change things up a bit and go somewhere different and unique. Amicalola Falls cabins are a wonderful place to stay to relax as well as make some wonderful new memories, whether it be with your significant other or your entire family.

The mountains in Georgia are beautiful and picturesque and will appeal to everyone. You will find a very simple life in Amicalola Falls and your cabin will provide you with all the comfort you normally experience at home. Also, there are a number of great outdoor adventures and activities that are fun for the whole family and people of all ages. What is it that you want to do on your adventure away from home? Amicalola Falls will have something you will enjoy as well as something for everyone in your family.

Natural Beauty

Amicalola Falls is one of Georgia’s Seven Wonders and rightfully so. It is Georgia’s tallest waterfall and it is here that you can spend some time away from home in one of the fantastic cabins in the area. When you wish to venture outdoors and embark on an adventure you can choose from over twelve miles of trails that spans over the 1,000 acre park. For adventurous hikers, you can head out on a five mile trek to the Georgia-run Hike Inn which is a secluded lodge in the Amicalola Falls cabins area. The trailSeven Wonders Of Ga begins with the surrounding area of Amicalola Falls State Park and follows along with the Southern Terminus Trail. After it separates onto its own trail the hike itself is a very unique and exciting journey. There is so much to see on the trail as well as looking out into the surrounding scenery.

Outdoor Adventure

Each summer Amicalola Falls participates in National Trails Day and hosts an outdoor adventure weekend. This event is great for the entire family and includes a fishing rodeo activity for the children and even guided hikes where you can learn about the land and the area while enjoying the fantastic scenery. The best part is that this event is free and is a ton of fun. Bring your camera as there is plenty to see and capture so you can remember your stay for years to come.

Hiking Trails

Four groups of trails exist in the area of Amicalola Falls cabins. These trails include the Amicalola Falls Trail, the Amicalola Falls West Ridge, The Southern Terminus Approach Trail and the Appalachian Trail. All of these trails focus on a fantastic scenic view, looping around the area and the falls. Some trails are harder than others so whether you are an experienced hiker or you are just looking to venture out on a short walk to see the area there is something for everyone. Some trails are shorter in length while others are many miles long and you can even scale to the top of the Falls. In addition to ranger-run hikes you can also participate in informative sessions on the Amicalola area, trail dangers such as snakes or you can even learn about the history of the area that concludes with information on the Cherokee Indians as well as the settlers of the area.

Mountain Vacation

Amicalola Falls cabins are nestled in the mountains of the North Georgia area. Depending on your location you may see the mountains from your window. The falls and creeks are also amicalola fallsscenic views that are available. You will be amazed at how much time you can spend just staring at the wonder of nature that surrounds you in your cabin. If the weather is a little off that day each cabin has plenty of features that will keep you comfortable and busy. Hot tubs, fire places and more are available. High definition televisions are available to watch movies and some cabins even have a pool table.

A week-long or weekend getaway to the cabins near Amicalola Falls is a relaxing but invigorating experience. You can not only recharge yourself and your family but you can also learn a lot about the North Georgia and Amicalola area. Amicalola Falls can make an outdoor adventurer and enthusiast out of anyone.

Can you envision yourself embarking on one of the outdoor adventures that the Amicalola Falls area has to offer?

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