Top 3 Reasons Cabins In Georgia Are A Cut Above

The place you choose to stay on your vacation can make or break the whole trip. For many, staying in a hotel is the “safe” route. The idea of staying in a cabin may give way to thoughts of insects, lumpy pillows, or being hot and uncomfortable. Would you be surprised to learn that the luxury cabins in Georgia are a cut above the traditional hotel experience? Whether you prefer a more rustic experience or to be pampered in a lush vacation rental, our cabins have something to offer everyone. Here are the top three ways that cabins outshine any hotel, any day.Hickory Wood Cabin

1. Location

When you stay in a cabin, you are putting yourself right in the heart of it all. You will begin and end each day surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the northern Georgia mountains. When you step outside your cabin door in the morning, you will be greeted by the fresh air, the sounds of birds calling, and a feeling of true peace and joy. Many activities are only steps away. Whether you like to hike, go bird watching, fish, or play in the river, you will never have to go far from your vacation home away from home.

You will also be closer to attractions that will allow you to do just about anything from shopping to tubing, to horseback riding, or going on an exciting zip line tour. There are some Helen activities for which you may even receive a discount when you book a cabin rental with Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals. The sky is truly the limit when you stay in our cabins.

2. Privacy

When you go on a vacation, you want to really get away from it all. It can be difficult to find the rest and relaxation that you crave when you are constantly surrounded by other travelers. The sounds of children’s feet thundering down the hallway, an ice machine in the middle of the night, or the elevator dinging open and shut all evening long are not welcome on a peaceful vacation.

When you choose to stay in private cabins, you will find the peace and quiet that you deserve. Not only will you enjoy the sounds of nature, but you will also find that a cabin can provide you with a feeling of being in your own private home. And though you may have plenty of privacy, your security will not be sacrificed. Many of the cabins are protected in gated communities.

3. Luxury

After a fun and exciting day exploring the mountains and villages in the Helen area, you should be able to return to your vacation rental for an evening in the lap of luxury. We provide you with everything that you need to relax and unwind. You can take a load off during a long, hot soak in a jacuzzi bath or hot tub. You will be able to prepare a meal for your family, or a romantic dinner for two in your private, fully equipped kitchen. Enjoy the majestic views from your outdoor porch or patio. Or, if you prefer, you can curl up in front of the fireplace and watch a movie on your big-screen TV. When you turn in for the night, you can rest assured that your bed will be just as luxurious and comfortable as the rest of your cabin.

Maybe you never realized that you could have it so good while on vacation. Though hotels may be the traditional option, a private luxury cabin is sure to take your experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

What amenities do you look for in a luxury cabin? What do you prefer most about cabins over hotels? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section of our blog.