Too Busy? Escape To The North Georgia Cabin Rentals

Guests who choose to stay in a North Georgia mountains cabin rental have an incredible amount of attractions, events, and outdoor activities to choose from during their stay. Regardless of your interests, or the season you visit, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. But many guests come to North Georgia cabin rentals to escape. They are seeking serenity and peace and are hoping for time and space to gather their thoughts, enjoy their families, rest, and relax.

Why are you coming to the mountains of North Georgia?mountain

The roads of North Georgia are a perfect detour for guests hoping to escape and relax. Driving tours of the North Georgia mountains are a wonderful way to enjoy the scenery, learn about the local area, and unwind on your own time. When you hit the road on your personal driving tour there are no agendas, no schedules to follow, no appointments that can’t be missed. It’s just you, your family, the drive, and thousands of discoveries waiting for you on the North Georgia roads.

There are several driving tours that have been created so you can enjoy the North Georgia mountains at your own pace.

Gold City Driving Tour 

This scenic tour takes North Georgia cabin rentals‘ guests along the roads near where gold was discovered in the early 1800’s. Although gold was initially found in North Carolina the first actual gold rush occurred in the mountains of North Georgia between 1828 and 1832. It also marked the beginning of the removal of the Cherokee Nation via the Trail of Tears.

The Gold City Driving Tour begins at “Gold Diggers Road”, the intersection of GA 9 and Highway 19. The drive ascends into the mountains and enters the Chattahoochee National Forest. You’ll come upon the Desoto Falls Scenic and Recreational Area and then continue toward Neel’s Gap. At this point you can visit the Walasi-Yi Interpretive Center or take a short hike on the Appalachian Trail to the summit of Blood Mountain. Once you are back on the road you’ll enter Union County and approach Bryon Herbert Reece Memorial, dedicated to the famed Georgian writer. The drive continues with spectacular views and will lead you through the mountain vistas toward Vogel State Park.

After enjoying a break at the State Park, North Georgia cabin rentals‘ guests can continue on toward Blairsville; passing Duncan Ridge and Cosa Creek. At this point the drive begins the tour’s return on the other side of Vogel State Park. On the drive back you will again enjoy the winding roads of the Chattahoochee National Forest while observing its phenomenal beauty. You can experience Wolfpen Gap, Sosebee Cove, the Winfield Scott Recreation Area, and Woody Gap. You’re now entering the last leg of the Gold City Tour with initial steep descents. You’ll cross the original starting point and continue toward Dahlonega. In the small town of Dahlonega you can experience a town built from a nearly 200 year old gold rush and many of the unique shops and restaurants the community prides itself in.

Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway 

Often described as the rooftop of the North Georgia mountains, this scenic byway is just a few miles away from many North Georgia cabin rentals. The 38 mile day drive winds through the mountains of North Georgia and provides unprecedented views of the natural beauty. The drive begins as you cross the bridge over the Chattahoochee River on Highway 17. Once you enter the Chattahoochee National Forest you’ll begin your ascent. The first portion of the drive will take you past Dukes Creek, Ravens Cliffs Falls, and Dodd’s Creaks. All of these are popular sites in the National Forest and would be worthy of a short hike if you have time.

As you drive further into the Chattahoochee National Forest you’ll be able to look over the Dahlonega Gold Belt where prospectors sought gold nearly two hundred years ago. This is also near where the drive intersects with the famed Appalachian Trail. If you have time you may want to depart the drive and enjoy a short hike on the Trail as an experience in American history. A descent into the valley and then another long ascent will lead you to Brasstown Bald. At 4,784 feet Brasstown Bald is the highest point in Georgia.  At Brasstown Bald you can hike or take a bus to the top to view ancient stone carvings from over 10,000 years ago or visit the Visitor’s Center. At the end of this 38 mile drive you’ll appreciate the beauty of the North Georgia mountains even more than when you began.

Have you taken a scenic driving tour before?  Would one of these three driving tours be an enjoyable way to spend a day in the North Georgia Mountains?