Restaurants In Helen GA Are Exquisite and Unique

When Venturing to a cabin in North Ga mountains near Helen Ga bring a healthy appetite and a thrill for adventure.  My wife and I were lucky enough to visit this majestic area in the Spring on our anniversary weekend. Not only were the flowers blooming, but the birds were chirping and calling us to exciting outdoor activities.  We planned on visiting many different locations and restaurants in Helen GA for our fine dining experiences throughout our jam packed weekend.  The Restaurants in Helen Ga include simple chains and intricate bed and breakfast locations.  My wife and I have a broad range of taste so we enjoy venturing out a bit when we visit a new location.  Because of our recent changes in our diet we thought there might not be as many viable options as there were.

Breakfast Is Always An Important Choice

We were lucky enough that a friend had suggested a very nice bed and breakfast to try our morning taste buds at called the Sylvan Valley Lodge.  Not only did we find out that they had a simple yet tasty breakfast, but they also hosted an intimate wine tasting in the evenings and directed us to many other wineries that we could quench our thirst for fine North Ga wine.  A selection of eggs and bacon or pancakes and sausage were just what we were looking for.  There was even a side of toasted sour dough bread that went with the eggs.  I chose a blackberry preserve and a side cup of herbal tea with the meal.  My wife tried their decaf coffee as she doused her pancakes with maple syrup.  We could not get enough of this tasty morning treat and felt like we were prepared and anxious to hit the mountains.

Adventures Await

With our full stomachs, we chose to take off on a couple exciting adventures.  First we visited Sunburst Stables and were happily surprised by the low amount of traffic and the fantastic opportunity to ride through the Chattahoochee National Forest on Horseback.  Not only did we get great horses and see some incredible animals, but we had a fantastic guide who knew her stuff and kept us very peaceful even when we got the chance for a little trot.  We could tell that she loved her job and looked forward to each and every ride.  It really amazed me how close we live to such a beautiful area.  The scenery of the North Georgia mountains is awesome.  I especially enjoy the variety of trees and incredible landscape.

You get a feel for the terrain on horseback especially when climbing up the mountain and leaning straight onto the horses back and even more so when descending.  It reminds me of the movie “A Man From Snowy River” as he takes the plunge off the mountainside on his well trained horse.  I always have this experience when I ride down a steep hill and show off a bit especially for my wife as if I were in Australia on mountain stallion.  This excitement happens for me even on a saddle horse riding a normal trail.

Great Escape

Lunch Time Awaits Us!

There is a fantastic little restaurant near Helen just up the road from the stables that serves excellent hamburgers and fries, but also provides a nice salad for the health nut.  This location is call the Batesville store.  There are some really awesome gift ideas hanging on the walls and we were excited to see that they sold Himalayan sea salt as well.  As we have become fanatics about this healthy salt and its benefits.  They also now provide a very healthy dinner menu and if you let them know in advance they will set you up with some fresh fish from the ocean or even a hearty steak.

If you are a trout fisherman you will also enjoy this little store as they excel in serving hearty lunches a good cup of coffee at any time and it is only a few short miles from the Soque.  This is probably the top trout fishery within 300 miles and it is definitely the best I have experienced on the east coast.  If you are lucky you know a guy or you can a legitimate fee for Blackhawk guides to allow you to cast a line for world class brown and rainbow trout.

Back To Adventure

After lunch our zip line tour awaited us and if it was any where near as fun as our horseback trip we were bound for a good time.  Getting strapped into a harness builds the excitement and my wife and I felt as if we were little kids again.  I will never forget the ride up to the top of the mountain and hearing that we would only touch the ground a few times on the way down.  Can you image seven different zip lines that traverse across the mountains and back all the way down to the stables?  This was a sight to see and even better my wife and I were the only thrill seekers at the party that day!

Are you ready for a great meal at Restaurants In Helen Ga as well as a little adventure?