Mountain Cabins – The New Romantic Getaway

If you’re somewhere in the southeastern United States, you might not yet have realized that some of the most stunning views and most romantic getaways can be found right in your own backyard, in Helen, Georgia!

Helen is nestled in the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains, a refuge of 19th Century style and decency that’s only 90 minutes from Atlanta! In fact, Helen is easily within driving distance for visitors from the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, and even most of Florida!

Perhaps this year, you should consider coming to Helen for your vacation getaway! At a Cedar Creek luxury cabin, you can live in a fully-furnished and modern cabin while seeing real mountains… rather than plastic substitutions dreamed up by cartoon mice.Radiance Cabin

Nothing Says ‘Romance’ Like A Cabin In The Woods

After all, when you think of most vacation destinations, you probably think of crowds. You’re not getting away from the bustle of modern life, you’re just swapping one set of noisy distractions for another.

Millions of people come to Helen every year to experience the natural beauty and world-class accommodations, but with an entire mountainside to explore, you’ll never be jostling elbows with your fellow vacationers. There’s plenty of room for everyone, and plenty to see and do without ever having to deal with tourists.

This combination of seclusion, privacy, and the amazing vistas of some of America’s grandest mountains means that a luxury cabin in Helen is your ultimate destination for romance. You’ll be able to escape all those annoying distractions, and focus on spending a little (or a lot) of time with the person you love.

At night, there’ll be nothing to disturb you and your lover besides the soft rustling of leaves and the occasional animal wandering by. During the day, you’ll watch the sun streaming down through mist-shrouded mountains, illuminating totally pristine forests, meadows, fields, and rivers.

It’s like a trip into the past, except you’re staying in a cabin with all the modern comforts of home!

A Taste Of True Luxury In The Wilderness

A Cedar Creek luxury cabin might look like “just” a cabin in the woods from the outside, attractively styled after 19th Century architecture, but what’s inside is what really counts. Inside every Cedar Creek luxury cabin, you’ll find the same amenities you’d expect from a downtown hotel!

Every Cedar Creek cabin is fully furnished, with leather furniture and all the necessities for life. You’ll get a fully-functional kitchen and full-size fridge, widescreen TV with cable and SurroundSound, pool tables, and more!

Your cabin also has outdoor amenities as well, perfect for grilling or building a fire inside our fire pit. Maybe we’re old-fashioned, but we still think you can’t get much more romantic than roasting marshmallows beneath the stars, listening to the wind rustling through the trees around you.

Now, it can occasionally get a bit chilly at night, but we’re pretty sure you won’t mind snuggling under a blanket as you watch the heavens revolve around you!

Create Days Of Adventure And Excitementcabins in north ga

The frontier days of America may be gone, but you can still get a taste of the wild life in Helen!

Along with our amazing landscapes and vistas come plenty of ways to explore them! Whether you want to go on foot through our miles of hiking trails, or rent bicycles to make your journey easier, you can get happily “lost” on the mountain just as long as you want to go missing.

Or, if you want a guide, you can easily hire a boat, a carriage, or even a hot-air balloon for tours!

For do-it-yourself naturalists, you’ve got a range of hunting and fishing options. After all, there’s not much that can improve a secluded, romantic fireside dinner in the woods… but cooking food you’ve taken directly from mother nature might just do it!

Or, if you prefer your food second-hand, it’s just a short trip down the hills into Helen itself for all your shopping needs. We have a wide variety of fresh, locally-produced foods such as cheese, sausages, and even our own winery. These can easily remind you just how good fresh food is when it hasn’t been processed, packaged, frozen, and flown across the country.

All this adds up to a romantic getaway like you’ve probably never experienced, because Helen is unlike anywhere else in the world!

The Romance You Want, Right In Your Back Yard

If you’ve never come to Helen, perhaps it’s time to see just how close it is! We’re closer than a lot of popular tourist attractions. Plus, no kingdom of glass and plastic can ever recreate the true magic of America’s bountiful natural resources.

So, if you’re ready for a romantic getaway, why don’t you forget the crowds and instead rent a cozy cabin built for two?