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We currently have 12 site locations available for your very own 1, 3, and 4 bedroom cabins. 
Your cabin will be managed by Cedar Creek Rentals, LLC.
If you are looking for a turnkey cabin investment with onsite turn-key management, please call Joanna at 404-229-9863 or email us at


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Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals is seeking investors like yourself who are interested in making cabin rental income and having the comfort and pride of owning their own cabin. Once you purchase your cabin, you’ll have both passive income and vacation property for you and your family:

  • We take care of customer service and book new guests in your cabin year-round.
  • Your cabin will already be listed on our website, including professional photography and a unique text description.
  • Our staff immaculately cleans your cabin after every guest.
  • Our professional team oversees maintenance, inspection, and repairs.
  • You will own the cabin 100% yourself. It’s not a timeshare or lease, so decorate and update as you please!
  • Your cabin will be available for your own use for vacation or events!

So what’s the cost and what will you get in return?

Your Cost
& The ROI

Build wealth while you sleep in peace and luxury
 and we do the work for you!

The cabins we have available for purchase have an extensive booking history, so you can count on return guests to provide ongoing bookings. You’ll never have to market, independently list, or manage your cabin.

Some quick, real data:


  • Anticipated gross rents: 
    1 bedroom-$45-55K
  • 3 bedroom- $50-60K
  • 4 bedroom- $60K plus

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Lot 11, 12 (both lots 1.5 acres):   2 level 1 bed 1.5 baths. 1232 sq ft.  This will be a modern 2 level luxury cabin. 




The following are in the process of being built for investment.  Investment package with built-in management for a complete turnkey investment. 
Similar cabins gross annual rent $60-65,000 annually.
Lots 1:    4.8 acres:   2800 sq ft. 4 bed 4 bath            
Lots 20: 3 acres  2800 sq ft 4 bed 4 bath                  
1 bedroom design layout
image (3)
lot 34: 1.5 acres on the creek: 2233 sq ft. 3 bed/3 bath

Lot 35:  1.5 acres on the creek; 2233 sq ft. 3 bed/3 bath

image (4)
Lot 16 1.5 acres on the creek; 2233 sq ft. 3 bed/3 bath

image (3)-1





4 bedroom design similar look and layout:

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You too can be a part of this experience, providing restful getaways for vacationers while generating income for yourself and your legacy.

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