for an Investment?

Own a cabin near Helen, Georgia:
  It’s an investment you can enjoy!

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals is seeking investors like yourself who are interested in making cabin rental income and having the comfort and pride of owning their own cabin. Once you purchase your cabin, you’ll have both passive income and a vacation property for you and your family:

  • Your cabin will come with bookings before you even purchase it!
  • We take care of customer service and booking new guests in your cabin year round.
  • Your cabin will already be listed on our website, including professional photography and a unique text description.
  • Our staff immaculately cleans your cabin after every guest.
  • Our professional team oversees maintenance, inspection, and repairs.
  • You will own the cabin 100% yourself. It’s not a timeshare or lease, so decorate and update as you please!
  • Your cabin will be available for your own use for vacation or events!

So what’s the cost and
  what will you get in return?

Your Cost
& The ROI

Build wealth while you sleep.
  Then rest in peace and luxury!

The cabins we have available for purchase have an extensive booking history, so you can count on return guests to provide ongoing bookings. You’ll never have to market, independently list, or manage your cabin.

Some quick, real data:

  • Price                                                                                                                       Mid $400k to low $500,000
  • Gross rents last 12 months                                                                             $60k - $70,000
  • Return Range                                                                                                      $30k - $37,000
  • Return on Investment (ROI)                                                                            6-8%

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 Current Available Investments:

Holiday Under Contract


Hickory Woods FOR SALE


Tranquility One FOR SALE

Tranquility Two FOR SALE


Allure will draw you in with its romantic amenities in a cabin made just for two. With a rain shower for couples, indoor spa bath, and an outdoor jacuzzi, Allure has plenty of options to spark an intimate moment.


If you seek to get away from the pressures of everyday life and just relax in a romantic luxury cabin, we have one word for you: Escape. This cabin is a refuge from the outside world with an open floor plan, natural decor, and spacious amenities to help you get away in style. A one-bedroom cabin, Escape is perfect for bringing that special someone so you can both find freedom together.

Why Do Guests Choose Cedar Creek?

Our top priority is to provide the best possible guest experience.

We make sure to deliver ongoing communication, an easy check-in and check-out process, and world-class cabin amenities as part of our commitment to helping our guests have a memorable time in the North Georgia mountains.


Here are a few of the many happy reviews we receive from our guests about their stays at Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals

"The cabin was great.The communication was super. Location was fantastic." - Robert

"Cabin was beautiful. Rental process (paperwork, check-in, check-out) was all easy, convenient." - Bill

"I received several emails with clear instructions, including directions to the cabin. I loved the amenities and how clean everything was. This will probably beat annual event for us from now on!" - Amy

You too can be a part of this experience, providing restful getaways for vacationers while generating income for yourself and your legacy. Schedule a call now by clicking the green button to the right.