Luxury Cabins In North Georgia Have The Bells And Whistles

What do you picture in your mind when you think of a cabin in the woods?
Do you see a one-room log cabin with plaid wool blankets slung over hard wooden furniture?
Luxury cabins in North Georgia?
Perhaps chopping wood in the snow to make a fire for the stove inside? Or a pot-bellied stove, stoked and filling a cabin with warmness? This is probably the classic image of a cabin in the woods but it sure takes a lot of work for this kind of minimalist experience.
If you would rather enjoy a cabin in the woods without also having to sacrifice comfort and everyday amenities, try out the Luxury Cabins in North Georgia. These cabins come with all the bells and whistles of a luxury hotel room combined with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains in Georgia. You get both the mountain man experience and a soft bed at the end of the night.
Luxury cabins come equipped with:Royal Suite Hot Tub
  • Hot tubs with extraordinary views of the North Georgia Mountains;
  • Jacuzzi tubs just steps away from a comfortable bed;
  • Gourmet kitchens with attractive slate and granite counters;
  • Large fireplaces perfect for roasting marshmallows or warming the soul;
  • Deluxe home entertainment systems for a family movie night;
  • Wireless Internet (though we suggest forgetting about work for a few days);
  • And amazing views of the north Georgia Appalachian foothills, streams, and waterfalls from soaring windows and expansive decks.

Sure, roughing it in the woods has a romantic allure and there may be times when you desire the solitude and ruggedness of the great outdoors. But most of the time, the romantic idea of the basic cabin doesn’t match the reality of chopping wood, starting fires, using outhouses, and pumping water.

Instead, when you get the itch to play mountain man (or woman), get the best of both worlds and choose the luxury cabins in North Georgia. You can rough it on the hiking trail during the day and rest in the lap of luxury at night.