8 Movies With Unforgettable Cabin Scenes

Posted by Tom Telford on Fri, Jan 24, 2014

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When was the last time you spotted a cabin in a movie that you were watching? It was probably more recently than you think. Although many folks associate cabins with horror films, they are actually prevalent in comedies, westerns, historical pieces, and many others.Whether working to capture a particular period of time, or set the tone for adventure, Hollywood movie makers find many reasons to incorporate cabins into their films. These structures usually play a significant role in the production. To prove our point, we've tracked down 8 memorable cabin scenes from a variety of popular movies that have been released throughout the years.North Ga Mountain cabins

  1. "The Searchers" - Opening and closing shots   Many film enthusiasts believe that the opening and closing scenes of "The Searchers" (starring John Wayne and directed by John Ford) are among the most iconic scenes in all of Western films made. The opening of the movie features the door of the cabin being opened, whereas the closing frames John Wayne walking away from the open door before it finally closes.  

2. "The Parent Trap" - The girls realize they're twins   In this beloved movie, starring Haley Mills, twin sisters Susan and Sharon are separated at a young age upon the divorce of their parents. Fate steps in, and one summer the girls find themselves at the same summer camp. Here, they waste no time in becoming enemies. As their fighting continues to escalate, they receive a punishment to "fit the crime" - the are banished to the isolation cabin. It is here, in this moving scene, that the girls finally realize that they are twin sisters. From here, they decide to switch places.  

3. "Cold Mountain" - 'I Marry You'   A story of romance, friendship, and survival, 'Cold Mountain' became an instant classic. After Ada (Nicole Kidman) and Inman (Jude Law) are separated as Inman is sent off to serve in the Civil War, Ada must learn to live on her own in her country cabin (with the help of Ruby, played by Renee Zellweger). Upon Inman's return to the cabin, their love is rekindled in this powerful scene.  

4. "Little Darlings" - Randy and Angel open up   This iconic coming-of-age film follows follows Angel (Kristy McNichol) and Ferris (Tatum O'Neil) as they place a bet to see who can lose their virginity first - before the end of summer camp. Although not initially the most heartwarming premise, the girls evolve throughout the story as they realize that emotional and physical love go hand-in-hand, and are far more complicated than they imagine. A change in Angel's character can see in this turning-point scene where she and Randy (her 'target') begin to open up outside of her cabin.  

5. "The Great Outdoors" - 'Big Bear chase me!'   All Chet (John Candy) wants to do is to enjoy a nice family vacation in the great outdoors with his wife and two children. Unfortunately, between his obnoxious in-laws showing up and annoying him, and a serious of unfortunate shenanigans, having a restful trip to the cabin is a lot more difficult than he bargained for. In this hilarious scene, Chet has been chased by a bear which he brings back to the cabin with him where more hijinks ensue.   ga mountain cabins

6. "Unforgiven" - The Kiowas come for Rachel   A timeless classic, "Unforgiven"'s tale unfolds as we learn that Rachel ("Audrey Hepburn) was kidnapped from the Kiowa tribe as an infant and brought into the Zachary family. When the Kiowa people come to reclaim her as a young woman, a shootout from the cabin ensues.  

7. "Heavy Weights" - The Candy Stash   This fan favorite is a comedic look at a summer camp for overweight boys. Although the camp is supposed to help the children lose weight and become healthier, the facility has historically been loosely run, and the boys have learned how to hide their candy. In this memorable scene, Nicolas (David Goldman), who is a camp newcomer, is witness to the many secret spots throughout the cabin in which his bunkmates (the 'chipmunks') have hidden their sweet stockpile of treats.    

8. "Meatballs" - Tripper's speech   Another cult favorite, "Meatballs" is about a cut-rate summer camp (North Star) and its ongoing rivalry with Camp Mohawk, which is just across the lake. An annual Olympiad is held, and the campers from each side compete. In this scene, spirits are low after the first day of the Olympiad the the score being Mohawk:170 and North Star: 63. Tripper (Bill Murray) gets up and tells the campers "it just doesn't matter". Newly inspired, the campers are victorious on day 2.   

It's easy to see that cabins are a big part of film-making. No matter what type of movies you prefer watching, a cabin is bound to show up at one point or another. What are your favorite films that feature cabins in them?

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