Helen Cabin Rentals: You Won’t Believe You’re Still In Georgia

Though embarking on a family vacation to the cabin rentals in northern Georgia may not initially seem as exciting as an expensive trip to Paris or Munich, you would be surprised to discover all the exciting places that the area can transport you to! What is it, exactly that makes the region surrounding the cabins in Helen so unique and perfect for travelers? Full of rich history, culture, and enchanting experiences, there is something for everyone in northern Georgia! In fact, you may find it hard to believe that you’re in Georgia at all! Here is a taste of some of the many places in space and time that you can visit during your trip to Helen.

A Taste of Germany

Helen is best known for its Bavarian culture as it is set up to look like a replica of an old world Alpine village. You and your group will be enchanted as you explore the cobblestone streets and alleyways and marvel at the old European style architecture. Shopkeepers are dressed to fit the part, and the charm of the village will make you feel welcome right from the start. You can enjoy German candies and chocolates at the Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen on Main Street, or delight in some savory Bavarian classics like bratwurst and sauerkraut at local eateries such as the Troll Tavern or the Old Bavaria Inn. With fun annual festivals such as Oktoberfest in the fall, the Festival of Trees in the winter, Volksmarch in spring, and Bavarian nights of summer, there’s a German experience to be had all year long!

The Cherokee Nation

This area is rich in history going all the way back to the Cherokee peoples who were native to the land. By visiting the Sautee-Nacoochee History Museum you can travel back in time to the Cherokee nation and learn all about the lifestyle of the Native American tribes. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating and tragic legend of Indian Brave Sautee and his forbidden lover, the princess named Nacoochee. Finally, you will hear the sad story of the Cherokee Trail of tears and the native American relocation.

Old Mining Countrygold mine near helen cabin rentals

After white settlers forced the Cherokee people of the Helen area to move westward to Oklahoma, the first gold was discovered in the region. This was years before the better-known San Francisco Gold Rush of 1849. In fact, the area surrounding the Helen cabin rentals became a mining country as gold was struck in 1828. Visitors to the Helen cabin rentals enjoy panning for gold and precious gems at Duke’s Creek Gold Mining Company, exploring the underground mines where workers once toiled every day at Consolidated Caverns, and immersing themselves in the rich history of the area at the Dahlonega Gold Rush Museum. This museum features some of the original U.S. coins that were once minted in Dahlonega, as well as an actual gold nugget!

The North Pole

You may not have expected it, but if you vacation in Helen during the winter months, you may just find yourself bumping into Santa Clause! The day after Thanksgiving marks the annual lighting of the tree and village in Helen, and that’s when Santa Clause comes to town! The twinkling lights, happy feeling, and snowcapped mountains will make you truly feel you have santa claus town helen gabeen transported to the North Pole. During the first weekends in December you can amp up the holiday spirit by visiting Christkindlemarkt – a German holiday tradition. Here you will find unique holiday ornaments and gifts from vendors in booths, or enjoy tasty treats and music. Other visitors to Helen like to make a journey to Amicalola Deer Farm where they can have a meet and greet with Santa and his reindeer! Not coming to Helen during the winter months? Not to worry! The Helen Christmas Shoppe is open year-round and will make you feel the holiday spirit no matter what season it is!

A Magical Fairy Land

Another favorite place to visit for locals and guests alike is the Whimsical Fairy Garden, located just outside of Blairsville, GA. Founded and owned by a former Disney artist, this free attraction features a number of fairy houses, both large and small that are available for visiting, touring, and even purchasing! Visitors of all ages will be fascinated by the life-size hobbit houses, troll mines, and the enchanted structures found within Sleepy Hollow. The gift shop is filled with fairy houses and doors for you to take home to your own garden, and even whimsical, mechanical toys!

Where will you allow your vacation to Helen to take you?