Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals For A Truly Wild Vacation

Is your idea of “wildlife” a stray cat running through your backyard? You’re going to be in for a real treat when you vacation in one of our Georgia mountain cabin rentals. A wide range of indigenous animals from amphibians to deer have been spotted by our guests as wildlife thrives here in the heart of northern Georgia. Even by looking out the windows of the Georgia mountain cabin rentals, you may be lucky enough to spot a fox or wild turkey in the peaceful wooded glen. If you’d prefer to create your own luck, however, there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying an up close and personal encounter with wildlife in the Helen area.

Six Ways to “Go Wild” Near the Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals

1. Frog Pond Nature Trail – Unicoi State Park is teeming with wildlife, and the Frog Pond Nature Trail is set up to help you discover the various inhabitants of the park. This short, 1/3 mile loop will take you around Frog Pond and allow you to read interpretive signs that will introduce you to the plant and animal life that call Unicoi home. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with “who’s who” in Unicoi and their various habitats, you can take your new-found knowledge to the park’s many other trails as you search for northern Georgia wildlife. But first, you may want to hang around the pond to see if you can spot any toads, frogs, turtles, sirens, or newts splashing about.

2. Amicalola Deer Park – Although it is very possible that you may spot a family of deer wandering near the Georgia mountain cabin rentals, they’ll most likely run off as soon as they detect your presence. Because of this, locals and visitors alike love to visit the Amicalola georgia mountain cabin rentalsDeer Park. Here, you will be able to spend the day not only observing the beautiful creatures, but also connecting with them. Bags of feed can be purchased so that you and your family can experience the thrill of a deer lapping a treat up from the palm of your hand, and perhaps even petting it on the head.

3. Fly Fishing – The area surrounding the Georgia mountain cabin rentals is known for its dense population of trout, making it a very popular spot for fishing. Whether you know how to fly fish or not, there’s no reason that you can’t experience a day out on the Chattahoochee River. Unicoi Outfitters offers one-day lessons conducted by certified instructors and provides all of the equipment that you need to learn to fly fish. After an hour of learning all of the basic maneuvers, you’ll be ready to go out on the water with your instructor to try out your new skill for two hours. While casting your lines, you’re likely to spot other wildlife such as geese, ducks, turtles, otters, beavers, and native birds.

4. Sunburst Stables – In addition to providing your family with the thrilling experience of horseback riding through the Chattahoochee National Forest, you’ll also be able to experience nature in an up-close and personal way. Upon arriving at the stables, you’ll have the chance to visit an aviary that features birds native to the area. On your ride, you’ll be able to stop and visit a small animal farm and go fishing at a pond. And as you ride through the winding forest trails, always remember to keep your both eyes and ears pealed for the sighting of rabbits, squirrels, fox, and deer, as well as the calls of the many birds sheltered in the canopy of trees overhead.

5. North Georgia Zoo – This fabulous zoo is fun for the whole group. You’ll have the opportunity to visit a petting zoo and working farm (Paradise Valley Farm) where you can interact with hundreds of friendly and adorable animals. The zoo also features a wildlife north georgia zoo near mountain cabin rentalsrehabilitation preserve where you will be able to see more exotic animals like wolves. One of the most popular events at the zoo is the reptile encounter. This totally hands-on experience allows you and your kids to visit and even touch snakes, tortoises, chameleons, iguanas, frogs and more.

6. Ranger-Led Excursions – By keeping tabs on all of the upcoming events being held at the various state parks near the Georgia mountain cabin rentals, you will never miss out on the opportunity to go on a ranger-led excursion. Numerous events are held throughout the year, putting the focus on a wide variety of native plant and animal wildlife. Birding By Ear, Growing Up Wild (aimed at the little ones), nature hikes to view seasonal plant life and wildflowers, bird watching events, etc. are all put on at regular intervals, providing expert information from park rangers near the Georgia getaways cabins.

Are you ready for a wild experience near the Georgia mountain cabin rentals?