Fun Filled Day Tours from Helen GA

When planning the perfect vacation getaway, whether it be for some quality family time or bonding with a significant other, location is a key component.  Creating memories that will last a lifetime depends a lot on what your planned vacation spot has to offer.  In addition to offering great cabins, rentals in Helen GA also offer opportunities to create the perfect day trips: providing activities such as hiking to the surrounding North Georgia waterfalls, exploring Georgia’s gold-mining history, riding a zip-line through the tree-tops, or flying in a hot air balloon over the gorgeous North Georgia landscape. These day tours from Helen GA will make your day unforgettable!

Pack a picnic lunch and hike to the waterfalls.
There are many great waterfalls around the Helen GA area.  Anna Ruby Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, so you can pack a lunch and find a great spot to have a picnic before setting out on a hike to the twin falls which offer plenty of photo opportunities.  The falls are created by two creeks – Curtis Creek plunges one hundred and fifty-three feet and York Creek drops fifty feet. Together they meet at the base of the falls to form Smith Creek.
Day Trips from Helen GA can start at seven hundred and twenty-nine feet Amicalola FallsAmicalola Falls new holds the distinction of being the tallest cascading waterfall in the southeastern United States.  You can view the waterfall in one of two ways from an easily accessible pathway or via a challenging series of staircases that can qualify you for membership in the Amicalola Falls State Parks Canyon Climbers Club.
Experience a taste of Georgia’s Gold Rush.
In his 1849 book entitled Statistics in the State of Georgia, George White reveals that the first discovery of gold in the state was made at Dukes Creek.  Dukes Creek Gold & Ruby Mines in Helen GA can offer fun and excitement, giving you the chance to experience gold mining history and what it felt like to pan for gold.  If you are lucky you can take home more than just amazing photos and priceless memories.
View the North Georgia landscape from the sky in a hot air balloon.
Balloons Over Georgia will give you a majestic view of the picturesque Lake Lanier as well as a bird’s eye view of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges and the Atlanta skyline.  You can see Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain as never before and create memories that will never be forgotten.
Helen GA is a treasure trove of opportunities for unforgettable day trips.