Cabins in Helen GA or Gatlinburg Cabins- What Facebook Fans Say

We asked our fans on our Facebook page why they preferred cabins in Helen GA over Gatlinburg and the verdict seems to point that (admittedly the sampling size is only 22)  Helen GA is being chosen over Gatlinburg as a destination spot. Please don’t take this the wrong way as we do love Gatlinburg folks too but if you live anywhere close or south of Georgia, let’s face it, gas is getting up there and every little bit counts when times are tough. Still not sure where to go, here are more travel ideas for traveling in the Southeast.

It is a total of 125 miles from Helen, GA to Gatlinburg, TN.  There and back and that is 250 miles.   That adds up to an extra $100 in gas alone.  That surely helps pay for something or save it for another rainy day.

So come join us in Helen Ga for cabin rentals and splurge a little on your loved one. AND save a ton of gas.  Our fans say you’ll be glad you did.

We at your North Georgia cabin rentals would like to help those who are strapped right now but really want to come to the mountains by offering this FREE vacation opportunity.  We hope you win.Marvel Falls Treehouse

In conclusion, the preference for cabins in Helen GA over Gatlinburg, TN, among our Facebook fans, albeit based on a small sample size, highlights the growing appeal of Helen as a destination spot. The rising fuel costs further accentuate the advantage of choosing Helen for those residing in or near Georgia. With a considerable distance of 125 miles between the two locations, opting for Helen not only saves on gas expenses but also provides an opportunity to allocate those savings toward other endeavors. Therefore, consider indulging in a cabin rental in Helen, GA, and enjoy both the scenic beauty and financial prudence it offers. Join us and seize this chance for a free vacation in the North Georgia mountains by simply clicking below.