Cabins in Helen GA – Life’s Sweet Escape

For many of us, one of the best parts about a vacation is a Sweet Escape where we let ourselves get a little lax with our diets in order to enjoy new local flavors and feel like we really are free from the constraints of everyday life. Visitors to the luxurious cabins in Helen, GA are no exception to this rule. Where do guests in our cabins like to go to satisfy their sweet tooth while visiting northern Georgia? Here are six local sweet shops that will leave you smacking your lips and coming back for more!

1. The Fudge Factory

The Fudge Factory in Dahlonega, GA is located only a short jaunt from the cabins in Helen, GA and would be the perfect way to cap off a day of exploring the gold mines and historical sites in the town. In spite of the name, you will be happy to learn that the Fudge Factory offers much more than just fudge. The candy business has been expertly cooking up sweet treats for over thirty years which include mouth watering candy apples, caramels, toffee, divinities, pralines, brittles, truffles, and much more! You can also stick with the theme of the town by trying some “Dahlonega Nuggets” which are Georgia pecans that are covered in caramel and milk chocolate. Those who are watching their sugar intake can enjoy something from the Fudge Factory as well. Their sugar free menu includes dark chocolate almond bark, dark chocolate caramel pecan patties, and milk chocolate caramel pecan patties.

2. Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen

As you wander around on the cobblestone streets of downtown Alpine Helen, we challenge you to not follow your nose into the Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen! We wouldn’t be surprised if the delightful aroma of chocolates and candies carried all the way back to our cabins. Once you enter the shop, you will be greeted by sweet and friendly candy cooks who will smile and offer you a variety of different candy samples from fudge to peanut brittle and even peppermint bark. Only those with the strongest of willpower will be able to walk out of this candy shop without something sweet to take back with them.

3. Scoop De Scoop Ice Cream Parlor

If you’re craving something sweet but aren’t in the mood for candy, Scoop De Scoop Ice Cream Parlor is the right spot for you. Located on the southern end of Alpine Helen, this favorite spot for locals and visitors to the cabins in GA is adjacent to an 18 hole mini golf course – how sweet is that? You can enjoy an afternoon of bonding with your family and friends over putt putt golf and then reward yourselves with a round of ice cream cones, malts, or banana spits! Yum!Enchantment Cabin

4. Ginny’s Fudge and Nuts, Inc.

Located in Cleveland, this is another sweet escape for local favorite candy shop that is located close to the cabins in Helen, Georgia. Ginny’s Fudge and Nuts, Inc. is a locally owned sweets business that has been in operation for over 40 years, making them true masters of cooking up mouth watering fudges and other sweet treats. Though you can try some of Ginny’s cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans, creamy pralines, or caramel turtles, the fudge is truly the specialty here. You can pick from 35 different flavors which include plain chocolate, peanut butter, snickers, rocky road, pumpkin pie, creamsicle, white chocolate, cookies and cream, and so much more! And if you truly fall in love with these treats, here’s some sweet news for you – you can order more of these delights online on Ginny’s website!

5. Paul Thomas Chocolates

Since 1975, Paul Thomas Chocolates has delivered fine candies and chocolates for everyone to enjoy. Visitors to the shop are able to actually watch the chocolates being made. Those visiting the famous gold rush city will certainly want to try out a special treat like the Dahlonega Chocolate Gold Bar. This delightful concoction is made from yummy milk or dark chocolate, golden raisins and Georgia pecans. At Paul Thomas you will find a huge assortment of chocolates, caramels, candy coated pretzels, coconut treats, sugar free delights, etc.

6. Ain’t B’s Bakerysweet

Ain’t B’s Bakery is located in the heart of Sautee-Nacoochee. Here you can enjoy sweet treats from candy coated pretzels and strawberries, to cupcakes, fudge, pies, and even milkshakes! A diabetic menu is also included for those who must monitor their sugar intake. If you’re feeling hungrier for more than just sweets, you can also settle in for a nice meal in Ain’t B’s cafe. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop before you leave and take some sweet treats home with you.

How will you satisfy your sweet tooth in Helen?