Cabins For Rent: Tips To Save You A Headache

Cabins for rent in the North Georgia Mountains can make for a relaxing and refreshing vacation. However, too often renting a cabin becomes a headache for the renters because of small inconveniences, unexpected situations, and other preventable misunderstandings. Following these tips before you start your vacation will save you from the headaches and hassles you may have experienced with cabin rentals before.
Read the Agreement

Cabin rentals are one place where it pays to read the fine print of an agreement. These agreements often cover what you can and can’t do in the rental, your liability for any damage, check-in and check-out times, and other “need to know” informational items. Take the time to read through the agreement before your vacation so you know what to expect.Radiance Cabin living

Check the Kitchen

A huge benefit of cabins in North Georgia is the kitchen and the ease of eating home-cooked meals. And most cabin kitchens come with the basic kitchen utensils you need. However, they won’t come with specialty equipment and may have limited cookware. Check to see what the cabin kitchen provides and then bring your own knives, special pans, and other kitchenware you will need to make those gourmet meals.

Know the Numbers

Who should you call in case of an accident or emergency? Make sure you write down the numbers of the rental company and any 24-hour emergency lines the company provides. If a pipe bursts at 2 a.m., you don’t want to spend 30 minutes scrambling for the right phone number.

The Linen Closet

Cabins should provide enough linens to cover all the beds in the house and enough towels for however many people the cabin can sleep. But, you may want to consider bringing more towels especially if you plan to use the hot tub or jacuzzi tub frequently.

Watch the Time

Cabins for rent companies set check-in and check-out times for specific reasons. The times give the cleaning crew a chance to do their jobs and prepare the cabin for the next visitor. Knowing when you can arrive and when you need to leave can save you headaches and extra fees. If you feel you need an early check-in or late check-out, be sure to ask.

Enjoy your time in the Northern Georgia Mountains by following these simple tips to make your stay smooth and hassle-free.