Amicalola Falls Cabins Are A Perfect Place To Unwind

Why do so many screensavers and desktops include photos of waterfalls? It’s because they are extremely relaxing and beautiful. These photos take you away from the daily stresses of life and mentally transport you to a peaceful and serene place. For your next vacation, why not stay at one of the cozy Amicalola Falls cabins and gaze upon a real waterfall up close? You’ll return home refreshed, loosened up, and ready to tackle work and life once again.

All About Amicalola Falls State Park

The magnificent Amicalola Falls isn’t just another waterfall. It’s actually the highest waterfall in all of Georgia, reaching 729 feet high. It’s so special that it’s been named as one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia. The waterfall is in Amicalola Falls State Park, which is located in the city of Dawsonville, Georgia. Dawsonville is only an hour drive away from Helen, Georgia.

When you arrive to Amicalola Falls State Park, you’ll quickly discover that the waterfall isn’t the only thing you can see when you’re there. Be sure to explore the park as much as you can — there’s so much to see since the park is 829 acres. Go and hike the many hiking trails in the park, including the one that leads up to the very top of Amicalola Falls. The trails vary in difficultly, so you can choose the ones that you feel comfortable with, whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced one. Some of the trails even connect with the Appalachian Trail. You can decide which hiking trails you want to try out by grabbing one of the maps at the visitor center, which is a good place to go to first once you arrive at the park.

However, if you just want to see the waterfall without the hiking, you can easily drive up to the top of the waterfall and enjoy the view without the physical labor.

The park is one of the most popular parks in Georgia and for good reason. There are full-time corn maze amicalola fallspark rangers at the park, so you can chat one up and learn all about the history and wildlife of the area. You can also visit a wildlife display that includes snakes. If you schedule your visit right, you might catch one of their snake demonstrations and hold a beautiful snake in your hands! There’s also a small visitor’s gift shop where you can purchase a souvenir to always remember your vacation at the Amicalola Falls cabins.

There are some other really nice places that you can visit that are located near the state park. Amicalola Deer Park is a fun place right across the state park where you can mingle with over 150 deer. Buy a few bags of feed and get to know one of Georgia’s most loved animals. If you’re staying at one of the Amicalola Falls cabins during the fall, schedule a stop to Uncle Shuck’s, where you’ll find hayrides, corn mazes, and a pumpkin patch.

Stay At One of the Amicalola Falls Cabins

After a long day of waterfall viewing and hiking, you’ll take great pleasure in driving up to one of the Amicalola Falls cabins and entering your cozy home away from home. Many Amicalola Falls cabins are decorated just like a cabin should be — rustic and charming — and are located right in the mountains. You won’t need to leave nature for the duration of your vacation since Amicalola Falls cabins are already in the middle of the woods.Amicalola Deer Park

Wake up to a beautiful view from your bedroom window and walk to your fully equipped kitchen, where you brew a hot cup of coffee and then sip it in your covered porch. Watch a couple of deer eat their breakfast and chuckle at the squirrels scampering around. Get ready for the day and pack a lunch for everyone and hop in your car for an adventure for the whole family, whether it’s to see another waterfall or to hike another trail, and return in time to watch the sunset with your family. Eat a big dinner together at the dining table and send the kids off to their rooms as you enjoy a glass of wine in your hot tub. Go to sleep with the sounds of nature in the background and do it all over again the next day.

The experience of staying at one of the Amicalola Falls cabins cannot be beat. You get complete relaxation, convenient location, and all the amenities you’ll need and want.

What do you look for in a rental cabin? Is location the most important to you, or is it the amenities or the attractions around the area?

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