7 Great Places To Eat In Helen Ga

Is your family pup vacationing with you? Can’t bear to leave that adorable face back at the cabin while you grab a meal? Visit these pet-friendly dining in Helen GA.

You’re in luck! Some of the very best pet-friendly dining places to eat, offer outdoor patio seating where Fido can lay at your feet while you enjoy some tasty local confections. You’ll feel happier with your furry friend in tow, and your dog will appreciate being included when you and the rest of the gang go out (especially if you slip him a few doggy-safe table scraps!) In this post, we’ll give you the details on some pet-friendly dining in Helen where both you and your pooch are welcome.

Bring Your Pup to One of These 7 Great Helen Places to Eat

1. Bodensee Restaurant l 64 Munich Strausse

If you’re hungry for some truly authentic German cuisine, you’ll definitely want to pay Bodensee Restaurant a visit. After spending 11 years in Bavaria, Germany, master chef Aurel Prodan knows his stuff, and consistently satisfying the taste buds of Helen locals and visitors. A covered outdoor seating area allows you and your dog to enjoy the fresh air and incredible views while you and your group munch on German favorite like schnitzel, wurst, and goulash. American classics such as steak, baby back ribs, and fresh mountain trout can also be savored here.

Rating: 5/5 StarsAllure cabin

2. Cowboys and Angels Restaurant & Bar l 60 Chattahoochee Street

Sometimes you’re hungry for some good old, All-American eats, and Cowboys & Angels is just the place to satisfy our craving. You’ll love biting into juicy steaks and burgers, fried chicken, grilled salmon, lobster tails, and mores. The outdoor patio offers table seating and bar seating so that you you can enjoy an ice, cold beer or a cocktail with your meal. Don’t forget to share a bit of your meat with Rover!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

3. Helen’s Country Cafe l 8988 North Main

Get your day started off right with a hearty breakfast, or fuel up after morning activities for a casual lunch at Helen’s Country Cafe. Whether you’re hungry for southern biscuits ‘n gravy, yummy pancakes, soup, salad, or sandwiches, you’ll find it all right here. There’s plenty of room in the outdoor seating area for your four-legged friend to lay down in the shade and enjoy your company.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

4. Muller’s Cafe l 60 Chattahoochee Strausse

Czech it out – Muller’s Cafe whips up some of the finest Czech and Germain specialty foods in all of Helen! The restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering fried cheese, but you’ll find a whole lot more to love and enjoy while dining here. Breakfast & brunch are very popular here. Take in the morning breeze off of the north Georgia mountains with your dog on the patio as you wake up with a coffee and a tasty meal of bratwurst, pancakes, eggs, or pastries. You can also have your fill during the lunch rush as you devour a bratwurst hoagie, chicken or pork schnitzel, or spatzle.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

5. Troll Tavern l 8590 North Mainhelen ga vacations

Duck down under the bridge and try a little bit of everything at Helen’s beloved Troll Tavern. This is one of the most charming Helen places to eat as it is situated right along the Chattahoochee. It is also the perfect place for groups where everyone wants something different. The Troll Tavern happily serves up a wide range of german favorites, light sandwiches and wraps, hearty burgers, seafood, and salads. Of course, man’s best friend is invited to tag along as you enjoy great food and drinks in the outdoor dining area.

6. Spice 55 l 705 Brucken Strasse

Just because you’re vacationing in a Bavarian Alpine village doesn’t mean you can’t find ethnic foods. Spice 55 is an excellent Thai restaurant and sushi bar. You’ll dig into your plate after ordering from a menu of chicken, shellfish, seafood, duck, and lamb dishes, curry meals, or fabulous sushi. The outdoor patio is spacious so that you, your family and friends, and your pooch can all gather together during mealtime. Spice 55 is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for something a little different during their stay in Helen.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

7. Nacoochee Village Tavern & Pizza l 7275 South Main

Nacoochee Village Tavern Pizza is a hot spot for locals and visitors who have a craving for a slice of something hot and delicious! Made with fresh dough, crafted from natural, local ingredients, you don’t even have to feel guilty about eating pizza on your vacation! The eatery provides a secure fenced-in area where your dog can relax close to you as your group digs in.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

What are your favorite Helen places to eat when vacationing with your furry friend?