3 Secret Water Spots – Through The Grapevines In Helen GA

Life is slow-paced in the mountains and water spots of North Georgia, and the sleepy town of Helen GA is no exception. The ambiance in the Alpine village of Helen is laid back, so it’s no wonder that countless visitors go there for peace of mind.

While Helen GA and the surrounding areas attract vacationers all year long, there’s no doubt that the mountains in Georgia are an especially popular vacation destination during the summer season. When the heat is on elsewhere, the ice-cold streams of North Georgia are a cool relief that can’t be beaten.

If you have been to Helen Georgia and the surrounding mountains, you have probably discovered that finding the ideal swimming holes is not a simple task. The location of some of the most refreshing water spots is often a secret closely guarded by the locals.

We thought you might be looking for water pockets, in North Georgia, which will rejuvenate and exhilarate your body and soul, so we hobnobbed with the natives. Here’s some of what we heard through the grapevines, in Helen GA.

Dicks Creek Falls

Dicks Creek Falls, located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, in Lumpkin County, lies just below the point where Dicks Creek and Waters Creek converge. These falls are made up of multiple tiers with swimming holes at the breaks, as well as up and downstream. The most popular swimming spot is at the base of the third, or last, fall. There is a large, sparkling pool of clear, cold water.

blue hole fallsFor the avid fisherman or woman, there is trophy fishing at the top and bottom of the falls. Especially popular is the top portion, to the left of the fork, up Dicks Creek. There are rocks on which you may lounge, calm pools in which to float, and jumping-off areas; but NO diving is recommended in any area of the falls. As with all North Georgia waterfall/watering holes, extreme caution should be exercised when walking on the rocks.
Blue Hole Falls

Located in Towns County, Blue Hole Falls is situated on High Shoals Creek. The falls are just about a little over a mile hike. At some points, there is a steep trail but the terrain is not dangerous on the way to the falls.

Named for its color, the pool below the falls is crystal blue and very inviting. We tell you this as reassurance that you are permitted to swim in the pool, despite the observation deck which appears to impede your path. It only takes a little extra effort to circumscribe the deck, but is well worth the trouble. At the point you reach the falls, however, do use caution and common sense. Currents can sometimes be strong and debris may be encountered in the water. As always, be observant and study your surroundings; before entering the water.

raven cliffs fallsRaven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls can be found along the scenic Dodd’s Creek. There are multiple swimming holes dotted along the course to Raven Cliff. This makes the 2.5-mile hike a bit more bearable. Once again, the extra effort will ultimately pay off in the form of a cool reward.

These falls, in White County, are accessed on a fairly well-marked trail but the terrain does get rough, at times. While the hike might be challenging, there are so many options on the way, that plan B is never out of the question. In fact, some folks never make it to Raven Cliff for the sheer fact that they lose all sense of time on a leisurely stop, along the way.

During your next visit to Helen GA, take some time to mingle with the local folks. They might just take a shine to you, making you privy to more of North Georgia’s secrets. Perhaps you have already collaborated with the natives. What secret water spots would you care to share, through the grapevine, with us?