Why The World Would Be A Sad Place If Luxury Cabins Disappeared

Would you want to live in a world without luxury cabins?

It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when these fabulous and amenity-packed vacation rentals didn’t exist. Most of us just take them for granted. But what if no one had ever had the idea to take a basic, rustic cabin and transform it into something truly extraordinary? What if outdoor enthusiasts still had to argue with their high-life spouses about being able to go camping for their weekend getaway? And what if city slickers who hated the outdoors were forced to “rough” it in a run-down cabin because they were out-voted 3-1 on where to go on a family vacation?

It’s not very nice to think about, is it?

Fortunately, we are all lucky enough to live in a world where luxury cabins are plentiful, and even the pickiest camper can be appeased. To fully appreciate this fact, though, let’s further explore an alternate universe, where luxury cabins do not exist…

In a world without luxury cabins…

… rest is not so plentiful

The whole point of going on vacation is to rest, relax, and re-charge. Unless your an avid and rugged outdoor enthusiast, though, staying in a dilapidated, old cabin or camping in a tent may not offer a whole lot of R&R. Without a good night’s sleep, there’s no way that you can enjoy your experience in the woods, and the majority of older cabins do not make it easy for you to catch some much needed Zs. Worn out, lumpy mattresses and threadbare sheets would leave you tossing, turning, and shivering through the night. Luxury cabins, on the other hand, offer large King-sized beds, clean linens, and comfortable mattresses so that you can get rest.

…campers are slaves to the weather

While luxury cabins will feature heating and air conditioning, and will be in good structural shape, other camping options are not as weather-resistent. Whether sleeping in a tent or in an older style cabin, campers will often find themselves completely enslaved to the weather conditions outdoors. When it rains, the ground becomes wet and soggy, making it difficult to stay dry in a sleeping bag on the ground, and as water seeps through the tent. If the cabin has seen better days, you may have to put pots and pans down on the floor to catch drips. And without climate control, you’ll find yourself shivering violently on a cold and drizzly day, or struggling to get comfortable during a particularly hot and muggy day.

…the great outdoors finds its way in

Going for a hike and looking out for indigenous wild life is a lot of fun, but most of us prefer that these critters stay in their own natural habitat. If you’re staying in a cabin that is a bit run down, or even in a tent, you may be surprised to wake up one morning to the sight of a snake making its way across the floor toward your bed. Yikes! Even small cracks and gaps around the foundation of a cabin can draw mice, squirrels, gophers, and other rodents into your cabin’s interior. And what could be worse than a bat finding its way in through the chimney, or a cabin rental that is filled to the brim with insects and spiders? So much for a relaxing vacation!

…new cooking skills must be acquired    luxury mountain cabins

The luxurious cabins that we know and love come with fully equipped and modern kitchens for guests to enjoy. Without luxury cabin rentals, though, campers are not quite as privileged. If you’re staying in an older cabin without electricity, you may need to acquire some new cooking skills so that you can prepare meals for your group over a camp fire, a charcoal grill, or with a dutch oven that has been brought from home. This can be very time consuming, and can put a damper on your experience, as the food isn’t as flavorful or enjoyable.

…attractions may be further away than they appear

Although luxury cabin rentals offer plenty of privacy to those who visit, they are also typically located near popular vacation destinations, and are therefore close to all of the major attractions. When you stay in an older cabin or go camping in a tent, on the other hand, you may find that you are located a lot more remotely than you would have preferred. This can create problems in planning out your day, doing the things that you would like to do, and requiring you to pay more money in gas, driving back and forth between various locations.

When all has been said and done, a world without luxury cabins is a very sad one in deed. What would you miss most if all of the luxury cabins disappeared?