Why Kids Love Tubing And Shootin’ The Hootch In Helen GA

When you plan your next vacation to Helen, Ga the goal is for the whole family to have fun. It isn’t always easy, however, to find activities that are both suitable for kids, and still enjoyable for the grownups. Fortunately, there is an affordable and exciting activity for everyone when you “Shoot the ‘Hooch”.

What is shootin’ the ‘Hooch, you ask? It is simply taking the plunge into the magnificent Chattahoochee River and having a fun day on the water with your family and friends. With opportunities such as canoeing, kayaking, and rafting, you have many choices. The most kid and family friendly activity on the Chattahoochee River, however, is an afternoon of tubing in Helen, GA.

Fun for Everyone

Of primary importance as you plan your trip is making sure that the activities you choose are fun. You simply cannot go wrong with a day of tubing in Helen on the Chattahoochee River. You and your kids will have a great time in the water, and sharing an experience you simply wouldn’t get back at home. You will have two hours free from the distractions of cell phones and video games to simply talk, play, and enjoy the scenery.Hickory Wood Cabin living

At Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, we recommend Cool River Tubing Company. Not only will you enjoy a fun day on the river, but Cool River also has waterslides for your kids to ride and race down. The park also includes picnic areas and concessions so you can spend the whole day with your family. You can stop at the outpost for ice cream on the way out, and pick up pictures of you and your kids coming down the river so that you will always have fun memories of your afternoon Shootin’ the ‘Hooch.


Besides being a great stress-reducer and family bonding experience, tubing in Helen is also budget friendly. You can enjoy a two hour tubing ride for $5 per person, or upgrade to an all day river pass for only a few dollars more. As if this was not already affordable enough, you can actually go tubing for free. When booking an online reservation for your vacation rental with us, at Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, we offer a discount equivilent to the price of a day of tubing fun for a family of four at Cool River Tubing Company. Now that is an offer you do not want to refuse!

Tips ‘n Tricks

To ensure that your day of tubing in Helen is fun and enjoyable for the whole family, here are a few tips and tricks for the best experience on the ‘Hooch.

  • Wear sunscreen – As you and your family cool down in the water, it is easy to forget that the sun is still beating down on you. To avoid ending your day with a painful sunburn, make sure that you and your family apply sun block before your excursion.
  • Bring a camera – Disposable, waterproof cameras are an affordable way to preserve the memories of your fun day on the Chattahoochee River and you can pick them up in just about any local store. You can take pictures of your kids shootin’ the ‘Hooch or of the gorgeous northern Georgia scenery.
  • Use a push pole – A push pole can be used to keep you and your family floating smoothly down the river. If other tubers get a little too close for comfort, or you get too close to shore, you can use your pole to push-off and get back on your way.

Be sure to plan on an afternoon of tubing when you visit Helen. This excursion is loaded with good old fashioned family fun and its memories will last a lifetime.

What other tips and suggestions would you offer up to tubing novices? What kinds of experiences have you had with shootin’ the ‘Hooch? We would love to hear about it in the comments section of our blog.