Why Cabins With Hot Tubs are Better in Helen, GA

When it comes to vacationing in northern Georgia, we have found that many visitors disagree about the accommodations during their stay with their partners or other members of their group. For some, the idea of staying in a mountain cabin is unthinkable, with thoughts of insects, outhouses, and horror movies popping into their minds. Others, however, relish in the thought of “roughing it” in a rugged cabin out in the woods, truly becoming one with nature. What if there was a happy medium to remedy this dilemma? We are happy to offer a compromise through luxury cabins – with hot tubs – to visitors of northern Georgia.

Cabins with hot tubs are better than hotels

If you’re not much of an “outdoor person”, your initial tendency may be to book a hotel room for your vacation. While this may be nice for a visit to Hawaii, you will miss out on so much of the beauty that northern Georgia has to offer if you have to spend half your time commuting back and forth between trip mountain destinations and your hotel room.

The prices of hotels are on the rise, and for the dollar amount you are paying for travel accommodations, you deserve some privacy. After a few days of living out of a hotel, you will end up feeling that you are in a fishbowl for everyone to see. Between sharing breakfasts with numerous travelers, waiting for the elevator, kids running up and down the halls, and sharing one small room with your entire family, you may find that your vacation becomes more stressful than relaxing! Choosing to stay in one of our luxury cabin rentals is the wisest choice for keeping your sanity and truly enjoying your getaway.

A cabin stay doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. In spite of what premonitions you have about cabins when you stay with us, you’ll live the high life. Our cabins feature all the creature comforts that you need from electricity, climate control, and hot water, to comfortable beds, a furnished living room area, and a fully equipped kitchen.

You will also find a variety of choices in the way of luxurious amenities. Cabins with hot tubs or Jacuzzi baths are very popular with our guests, as well as fire pits, barbecue grills, and game rooms.

On top of all this, you can actually customize your own view. Whether you prefer a mountain view, a babbling brook, or your own private waterfall, we have the solution for you, and for a low price that is extremely comparable to the hotels you have been looking at.

Cabins with hot tubs are better than run-down cabins

No matter how much you love the great outdoors, no one likes to try to fall asleep at night to extreme heat or cold because of poorly insulated cabins that lack any type of climate control. You may feel at home amongst the timberland forest, but that doesn’t change the fact that cold showers are uncomfortable, and using an outhouse really stinks! And you may think that you are one with the wildlife, but you probably won’t feel the same way when a mouse chews through your sleeping bag or you wake up with a big spider crawling across your face.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to convince the rest of your group to head out to the forest if they are promised a stay in luxury cabins with hot tubs and the creature comforts that they are used to? You won’t lose out on any of your favorite outdoor experiences. All the best fishing holes will be only steps from your cabin, and there are infinite hiking trails to explore and waterfalls to be discovered. Bring your catch “home” to the cabin and grill it up on your own private barbecue or in a fire pit.

So what will it be: a vacation enjoyed by only part of the group or a compromise that will please everyone?