Total Solar Eclipse August 2017 In North Georgia

It’s being called the “The Across America Eclipse.” One of the most spectacular natural happenings will occur in the north Georgia Mountains this summer. On August 21, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse makes it journey from the west coast of the United States through the heartland states to the Atlantic Ocean (and beyond).

The total duration of the eclipse will last only 90 minutes, but it promises to be one of the most memorable events of a lifetime. The last total solar eclipse in the United States was February 26, 1979.

The best places to watch the eclipse are in what is called the path of the center line. The center line of the August 21 total solar eclipse will pass through ten states including Georgia. According to Astronomy Magazine, “The very northeastern tip of Georgia encounters the center line from just past 2:35 p.m. EDT until not quite 2:39 p.m.”

Helen, GA is in the enviable position where you can watch this once in a lifetime event.

What makes a solar eclipse so special? During a solar eclipse, the Earth, Moon, and Sun are perfectly aligned. The illusion is that, when lined up, the Moon and Sun appear to be nearly the same size from Earth. This configuration casts a shadow on those in the path as the moon travels across the sky.

For many people it is nature’s incredible light show that is the main attraction of the total solar eclipse.

“This serendipitous fact allows the Sun to be completely covered during eclipse yet also allows us to see the Sun’s atmosphere, its corona. The corona is hidden from us all our lives except for the very special moments during the total solar eclipse.

Another realization that may hit you during totality is that you are watching the solar system in motion. In real-time, you can perceive the relative motions of the Moon around Earth and the Earth around the Sun. “- Great American Eclipse

As you might imagine there will be many celebrations – some private and others public. We hope that you’ll come enjoy this special event with us in Helen, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Bear Creek Cabin living

We are excited that Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals properties are located in Helen Georgia — one of the best places to experience daylight turning into darkness, accompanied by an amazing Mother Nature light show. Watching the total solar eclipse is an opportunity for you and your children to share the wonders of nature.

Viewing the total solar eclipse is a great time to vacation in the North Georgia Mountains. Because demand will be extremely high, we encourage you to book your Cedar Creek Cabin Rental today.


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