Top 5 Reasons Families Love Georgia Cabins

The best part of a vacation is that it allows for time to bond together as a family. Making sure that your trip will please everyone in the bunch, however, is not always an easy task. As you begin to plan your next family adventure, have you considered a stay in one of our cabins? When staying in cabins, Georgia allows a huge variety of fun activities for families of all ages and sizes, and a luxury cabin rental will make your vacation perfect.

Here are the top five reasons why families love staying in a Georgia cabin:

1. Opportunities to explore

Your family will enjoy adventure like no other when you visit one of our luxury cabins. Georgia is filled with beautiful scenery ranging from majestic mountains, to thundering waterfalls, to babbling brooks. Each day as you step outside of your cabin, you and your family will delight in the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

From obscure, hidden elements to conspicuous manifestations, you will emerse yourself in the discovery of new plants, wildlife, and geographic features as you explore the great outdoors of North Georgia. Whether opting for a hike near the cabin or visiting one of Northern Georgia’s many state parks featuring trails, waterfalls, rock formations, and more, nature abounds near Georgia cabins.

2. Shootin’ the ‘Hooch

Splashing in the Chattahoochee River has never been easier, as it is located only minutes from our amazing cabins. Georgia boasts a variety of fun things to do on the River from kayaking to fishing, however the most popular way to “shoot the ‘Hooch” is to go tubing!

You and your family will float lazily down the river together for two hours, taking in the sights around you, talking, and laughing. When you book your cabin rental online, we will comp you the price of a family of four to go on a tubing adventure with Cool River Tubing Company.

3. Striking it Rich

Did you know that northern Georgia was one of the first places that the Gold Rush began in the United States? You and your family can learn all about the exciting history when you take a day trip to Duke’s Creek Gem & Gold Mining company. There is no admission charge which makes this attraction even more attractive! Here, you and the kids will work with panning experts as you search for gold and precious stones. You are guaranteed to walk away with a special souvenir of your trip to take back home with you!

4. A day at the Stables

Newbies to horses and equestrian experts alike will love spending a day exploring the Chattahoochee National Forest on Horseback with a tour from Sunburst Stables. This is the perfect way to take in the scenery away from our cabins.

Georgia is filled with wildlife, animals, and breathtaking scenery. Why not experience this in a unique way as you ride on horseback? Sunburst stables offers a number of exciting horseback tour packages for people of all ages and expertise. Small children are also welcome to ride if they double up with Mom or Dad.

When you book your cabin rental with us online, we extend a voucher for a free horseback tour that will take you and your family on a fun adventure where you will even get to see a miniature animal farm!River Wilds Cabin living

5. Relaxing back at the cabin

One of our guest’s favorite parts of their vacation is simply the cabins! Georgia has many fun activities for families to do, but our cabins are equipped to make sure you have plenty of happy bonding time as well.

With modern kitchens, you can enjoy a home cooked meal together before you settle down in the family room to watch movies on your big screen TV! We also offer game rooms and more to keep you and your family entertained!

Families love our Georgia cabin rentals! When staying in luxury cabins, Georgia is the ideal location for your vacation, so book today!

What do you think your family will enjoy most? Tell us about it in our blog!