Top 5 Helen Georgia Attractions

Helen Georgia attractions are quite varied, and certainly lend one to understand why Helen is one of Georgia’s most boasted mountain towns. Here are the top 5 attractions that make a trip to Helen worth your while:
  • Water – Helen GA, sits near the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River, and also features several beautiful waterfalls including the Anna Ruby Falls. Go on a wild rafting adventure, or tube lazily down the river, it is all available around Helen, GA. The Unicoi Lake is also nearby for fishing, or if you are in for something more leisurely and family-friendly, try out the hot tub or visit the local amusement park.Sky’s the Limit Treehouse living
  • History – One of Helen, GA’s top attractions is its rich history. First, it was the home ofhelen arts and heritage center the Cherokee Nation, including some of their important ceremonial grounds. Later, in the 1800’s miners looking for gold settled in the area. Fast-forward to today, where Helen is known for its German-Alpine atmosphere. Visitors can try panning for gold or gems at Dukes Creek, or they can visit the Helen Arts & Heritage Center, try the Folk Pottery Museum, and can even travel to the nearby historic Native American town of Sautee Nacoochee.
  • Hiking – What would a trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains be without catching some of the gorgeous views and surrounding nature? We’ve already mentioned the waterfalls, but visit the Unicoi National Forest and other areas, and you are in for a treat with fabulous Georgia hiking trails. And if the physical exertion is a bit much…check out the balloon rides offered and enjoy panoramic views.
  • Shopping – With its charming German-Alpine feel and over 200 shops, Helen GA has plenty of shopping to keep anyone busy for days. And they are not just any shops: they offer unique artisan, antique, crafts, and specialty shops of many kinds. And if you are in for shopping of a different kind, there are some wineries in the area that offer tours and tastings.
  • Animals – Last but not least, some of you might enjoybear visiting the Georgia mountains in a different way. Helen has several quality stables, where visitors can go horseback riding down various mountain trails. Others might opt to go to the Black Forest Bear Park or visit the zoo with the little ones. For those with a different bent, a bit of a drive can get you to some prime hunting grounds.
With all the things to do in Helen GA, the whole family is bound to have a good time. Don’t forget to check out the wide selections of restaurants in Helen Ga too!