Striking It Rich Near Dahlonega GA In Sweet Cabin Rentals

If you are trying to plan a fun vacation that is rich in fun and adventure, perhaps you should consider booking one of our Dahlonega, GA cabin rentals. This charming little town in northern Georgia is truly a historical landmark as it prides itself on being one of the very first areas to experience the Gold Rush. Even before the big Gold Rush of California in 1849, prospectors were uncovering treasure right in the heart of northern Georgia.

Because one of the largest quartz veins containing gold in the world is located in Dahlonega, GA, cabin rentals nearby are a great and convenient way to enjoy gold fever during your exciting getaway. What sort of “rich” attractions can you and your family enjoy? Here are three excellent ideas for North Georgia mountain getaways.

The Consolidated Gold Mines

For a fun and unique attraction that is located close to the Dahlonega, GA cabin rentals, grab the whole family and head over to The Consolidated Gold Mines. Here, you and your group will be transported back in time as you descend 200 feet beneath the ground and into the mines. On this 40-minute interactive tour, your expert guide will interest you with the stories and tales of Gold Rush miners at the turn of the century.

After the tour is complete, you will receive a gold and gemstone panning lesson from proficient panners who are truly the best of the best. If you’re interested, you can take a crack at it yourself and see if you can get lucky and strike it rich.

dahlonega ga cabin rentalsThe Crisson Gold Mine

Because this authentic open-pit gold mine is conveniently located in Dahlonega, GA, cabin rentals at Cedar Creek are a convenient choice for your Georgia mountain vacation. Enjoy the rich history of the mine which was established in 1847 and features a stamp mill that is 125 years old.

This mill was used to crush quartz rock that contained gold. At Crisson Gold Mine, you will have the opportunity to pan for gold and precious stones such as emeralds, garnets, sapphires, amethysts, rubies, and much more. Many lucky customers have been fortunate enough to find pristine gems which they have gone on to use to make jewelry.

In addition to allowing you to pan for gold on site, the folks at Crisson Gold Mine also sell ore by the 5-gallon bucket so that you can continue panning for riches back at your Dahlonega, GA cabin rentals. Who knows what you will find?

dahlonega ga gold museumThe Dahlonega Gold Museum

Located in the center of town, the Dahlonega Gold Museum will guide you through the rich history of gold mining in northern Georgia. The museum is actually situated inside a restored courthouse and features a 23-minute high-definition film that describes the mining techniques and lifestyles of the prospectors who once populated the area. You will find antique gold coins, gold nuggets, and gold-bearing quartz rock. This historic landmark will take you back in time and you will enjoy learning about where the gold rush all began.

The Gold Fever Package

Do all of these fun gold-related activities sound like fun to you? At the city visitor center, you can purchase a gold fever package which will allow you to enjoy all three for a lower price for museum admission, a tour at the Consolidated Gold Mine, and gold panning at the Crisson Gold Mine. This is an excellent deal for any travelers staying in the Dahlonega, GA cabin rentals who are trying to strike it rich in northern Georgia.

There is something for everyone in the historic and exciting town of Dahlonega, GA. Cabin rentals are a great way to get close to all the action and try your luck at finding gold and gems on your vacation. Every day is an adventure here!

If you have visited the mines, were you lucky enough to strike it rich? What sort of treasure did you uncover? Share the tales of your adventure with us in the comments section of your blog.