Short On Money? 5 Steps To Cheap Cabins in Helen, GA

Things may be starting to look up in our economy, but for many of us, times are still tough and money is still a bit on the tight side. Just because you are working with a budget doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be entitled to enjoying a luxurious vacation. Does this sound too good to be true? You will be happy to learn that you can enjoy a low cost getaway when you stay in one of our lush yet cheap cabins in Helen, GA.

From start to finish, you will feel like the red carpet has been rolled out for you on your trip to northern Georgia. When you walk through the door of your luxurious rental, you will be truly amazed that these are cheap cabins in Helen, GA! When you stay with us you will enjoy a spacious cabin layout with multiple bedrooms, hot tubs, game rooms, fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms, climate control, big screen TVs, and so much more! You will even be able to pick the view that you would like to have from your own private waterfall or creek to a mountain view.

You may be wondering how it is possible that you could afford to stay in one of our rentals. As luxurious as they may be, we offer cheap cabins in Helen, GA that are highly comparable to the prices of a standard hotel but with a much larger value. Here are five of our tips for making your trip to the cheap cabins in Helen, GA even more affordable and magical.

Tip # 1: Comment on Our Blog

It really is that easy! Right now we are offering a drawing for 2 free nights in one of our luxurious and cheap cabins in Helen, GA for those of our guests who take the time to leave a comment on our Blog entries. Whether you have never stayed with us before and would like to ask questions to other readers or our team, or if you have already stayed with us and would like to leave tips for other travelers, your comments, thoughts, pictures, etc. are more than welcome and are strongly encouraged. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Whispering Waters Cabin living

Tip #2: Low Cost Attractions

There are plenty of low cost and free things to do and see while in Helen. Many of the shops in Alpine Helen and Nacoochee Village offer free samples (try free candies at Hansel And Gretel Candy Kitchen or Habersham Winery). Entrance to ares such as Unicoi State Park or Amicalola Falls State Park – to take in the sights and enjoy hiking – is very low cost for a whole day of fun! Hiking, biking, tubing, window shopping, fishing, soaking in your hot tub, playing in your game room, and exploring the areas surrounding your cabin are all low cost solutions that will leave everyone in your group happy.

Tip #3: Cook Your Own Meals

Another great way to save money during your visit to our cheap cabins in Helen, GA is to cook your own meals instead of dining out. Don’t worry – you won’t have to bring your own pots and pans. Our luxurious cabin kitchens are equipped with modern appliances and cookware to make your life a little easier. Bring your own meals with you to prepare for your group and enjoy in the cabin or out on your patio or porch. There are also a number of wonderful small town grocers who can help you stock up your private cabin kitchen with goodies and local flavors. Or if you prefer, you can just enjoy your daily catch if you enjoy fishing!

Tip #4: Buddy Up

The beauty of our cheap cabins in Helen, GA is that they provide a lot of room to stretch out and breathe. With multiple bedrooms, you may consider grabbing a large group of friends or inviting another family to join yours and split the cost of your cabin stay. You will still have much more room than you would on a hotel stay while being more comfortable than you would in a cramped hotel room. Plus when you travel with a group you can carpool and save money on gas!

Tip #5: Get Free Stuff

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on our website and sign up for our newsletter, in order to find out about the great deals and free offers that will add even more value to your vacation! In the past we have offered vouchers for a free horseback ride, discounts to give guests extra money to go tubing, and right now we are giving away free shirts to visitors who book with us before the end of Oktoberfest. There’s always something going on!

What other tips and tricks do you have for enjoying a fun and relaxing vacation on a budget?